Monday, 30 June 2014

Love Me Beauty - June

If you're wondering why I'm posting a June beauty box review when it's basically July, it's because this took nearly a month to arrive at my house. Yep, you heard me right. I ordered this box on the 5th May and it arrived today, the 30th May.

I had pretty much what can only be described as a nightmare beauty box experience. After waiting patiently for just over a week after my box had been shipped, I contacted the LMB team, who told me that it should have arrived. Sadly, the following news was that Royal Mail had 'already delivered it', aka, they had lost it. 

However, I can hardly fault the customer care services that Love Me Beauty offered me. They sent a new box straight away and it arrived in three days. It also wasn't really their fault that the box got lost. So take this negative review as a criticism of Royal Mail (who have lost something of mine for the second time this year). 

Anyway, rant over, let's proceed with the product reviews!

 Montagne Jeunesse Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque ~ Full Size ~ RRP £1

I absolutely adore this brand's face masks. They're a lovely treat on a pamper evening and have always bought the white chocolate mousse one because it smells like I've got chocolate on my face. Why wouldn't anyone want that?! I've never tried a fabric masque before, so I'm very intrigued as to how this will effect my skin. I will most likely be using it in the bath tomorrow night for my personal pamper session.

 NYX Cosmetics Nail Polish in 'Pink on Steroids' ~ Full Size ~ RRP £3

I'm not a huge fan of this shade. It's fluorescent pink, so the name is pretty appropriate. As there were a variety of 'pink' shades that could have been in my box, I would have probably preferred any one other than this, simply because I will never wear it. I know NYX are a great brand and I'm sure their polishes are lovely, but this simply isn't for me. This will find a good home though, never fear! 

 Urban Veda Purifying Day Cream ~ Sample Size ~ RRP £14.99

I'm always in need of a moisturiser, so it's quite nice to be opened up to new brands in the face softening department. This is supposed to "tighten pores and support healthy cell renewal", which I do hope is true. I will be giving it a whirl in the mornings, although I'm quite sad this is just a sample size. 

Model Co Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in 'Fairy Floss' ~ Full Size ~ RRP £12

Along with the face mask, this is probably one of my items from the box. It's a really pretty, sheer pink colour, as you can see from the swatch, that will look gorgeous over a nude lip or any other pink lipstick I've got. I'm glad the colour wasn't as intense as it appeared on the Love Me Beauty website, as I was scared it would arrive looking similar to that nail polish. 

However, it smells sooo sweet that it's almost sickly. The smell is exactly like strawberry Chewits which I have ironically eaten a lot of over the last week. Hopefully it won't make me too queasy when I wear it. This gloss also pays for the box itself, but I wouldn't repurchase for £12. 

Beauty UK Eye Shadow Palette in 'Earth Child' ~ Full Size ~ RRP £3.99

When I ordered the box I was quite excited to see an eyeshadow palette was on it's way. But, since it took so long to arrive I have since bought the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette, which means this little one probably won't be used. I like to be very limited with my eyeshadows, having more than ten just seems like a bit of a waste. I'm sure my mama will be happy to accept this, though. 

The packaging on this is incredibly cheap looking, even though the product is £4 normally. As you can see from the swatches the colours aren't very pigmented either, so a primer and a couple of coats would do the trick. 

Overall, I'd probably rate this month's box 3/5 stars. It hasn't been my favourite month, simply because the product I liked the most only retails at £1. Typical me. I will use the lipgloss and moisturiser, however, but the others will go to a good home. Sounds like the end of an RSPCA television special.

Therefore I'm obliged to say that no products were harmed in the making of this blog post.

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Primark Haul

Like any other British girl, Primark is positively a treasure trove of "wear once then throw away" items. My local Primark is pretty naff to say the least. I don't know why the Brighton Primark is so bad but it's always really messy and the clothing choices just aren't that nice. 

Sooo I took a trip to Essex to go to my favourite Primark of all time; Lakeside. If you haven't been to this one I insist you go. They stock nearly the entire collection, plus it's really neat and organised.

I managed to get some pretty decent stuff this time, so I thought I'd share it with all of you, because I know how interested you all are in my purchase (am I being sarcastic? I don't know). 

Possibly my favourite purchase was this Navy Striped Jumper, which has a really pretty, nautical air to it. I love the seaside and I think this will look gorgeous with some shorts, some cut offs or basically anything really. Can't have too many jumpers! Was only £6 too.

I don't know if you've ever bought/heard of non-slip hangers, but since I bought these my life has been changed forever. Never again shall I face the horror of opening my closet to find my most expensive silky dresses strewn across the wardrobe floor. Those days are gone, for just £4.

I got some Footies (in the wrong size bleugghh but £2 so that's okay) which are to go in my new Converse Dupes (pictured below). They have padded soles and heels so if these cheap trainers kill my feet at least I'll have a little bit of protection. I bought the trainers mainly because I was going to spend £45 on a pair of real Converses that I wanted, but saw these and they look near identical. If it turns out they're rubbish, they were only £6, so not a major loss.

I bought a new pair of slippers since my other ones went all gross a couple weeks back. I was so happy to see a slipper section, as usually they clear out this stock in the Summer. But these adorable, fur-lined cuties were only £4 and kind of remind me of Frozen.

As you may or may not know I am travelling to Rome very soon, and wanted a little crossover bag (£4) to keep all my money safe. This is the perfect size and is a lovely neutral cream colour, so will basically go with everything.

Last but not least I got these really sweet looking floral bow clips for every day use. Most of my clips are just plain black or brown, so it will be nice to have a bit of colour in my hair for once. These were £1.50

I also bought this t-shirt which says "Haute Couture" on it (for only £3!), simply for wearing under my many pairs of dungarees. I'm a not a huge t-shirt person, in fact it's very rare that you'll see my in one, but I just really needed a top I didn't hate to go under my cute little onesies. It's also got a cool, festival vibe to it. 

I hope you enjoyed my haul! Let me know what you think of my buys in the comments and what you've recently been haulin', especially in Primarni!

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Cosmo Calling

Prepare for photos...they're coming fast and heavy!

Yesterday, Allie (from Living Life in Docs) and I journeyed to good old London for Cosmopolitan's Superblogger Masterclass. I had booked my ticket as soon as I saw the advert in the magazine and was extremely excited to gain tips from the likes of Fleur De Force and Kat Williams. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Stuff I'm Going to Do

When I started this blog, I called it 'My Adventure Book', after the book that Carl and Ellie possess in the movie 'Up'. I planned to fill this tiny space of the internet with my adventures, whether they be in my house, my food, my beauty products...anything I could get my hands on. I've done a pretty good job, so far, I think. I'm proud of what I have accomplished here, having set myself a task and stuck at it, considering I give up very easily.

In fact, this blog is probably one of the only things I've ever stuck at. 

Lately, I've been suffering from an acute case of "I wish my life was better" syndrome. It's where you look at other people's lives and wish they were yours. It's extremely detrimental to your physical and mental health. I suggest you avoid might be contagious.

You see, when I was younger, much like Carl and Ellie, I had a list in my mind of stuff I wanted to do. I wanted to write a book (this was the main one), I wanted to play Eponine in Les Miserables and I wanted to be a Disney Princess, all of which are a bit far fetched. And, as I've grown up, each one has passed me by as I've slowly entered the realisation that they're not going to happen.

The only thing that hurts more than not achieving your dreams is watching somebody else achieve them. 

Lately, I've watched so many youtubers and bloggers get asked to write a book as I sit in my house, staring at a blank Word Document, trying to bring some kind of life to the page. Now, writing a book is a small fraction of what has been going through my mind, but I thought I'd use it as a key example. I watched as these people, who are the same age as me, achieved everything I've ever wanted, while I sat uselessly at home.

I thought about how easy it must be for them, to make so much money doing something they loved while being given such amazing opportunities to travel the world and tell their stories. 

But my life isn't theirs. 

My mama is a very wise and intelligent woman and if you ever need advice on anything she will gladly tell you the truth. So she gave me a massive conversational slap around the face and told me to snap out of it. My life isn't theirs. The only way I'm ever going to write a book is if I work a lot harder than them. The only way I'm going to travel the world is if I save all my tips up in a jar until I can afford it. 

Recently, Zoella uploaded a video where she was upset about how overwhelming it is to be a youtuber and to have the pressure of 5 million people's opinions on you. As a huge fan of hers, I was really glad to see the video. Not because she was crying but because it showed me how even these people with their "perfect lives" aren't necessarily always happy. They aren't always lives that should be yearned for. Everything she said in the video was exactly how I feel; that she felt like failure and that life was overwhelming for her. I doubt that she'll ever read this, but if she does, I'd like to say thank you. 

I've been growing sad because, like Carl in 'Up', I felt as though I hadn't achieved anything so far, just because my list of dreams hadn't come true. I hadn't visited my 'Paradise Falls'. But near the end of the film (spoilers), he finally turns past the page of 'Stuff I'm Going to Do', and sees all the things he had done

This was his adventure; the everyday beauty of life.

Ellie writes "Thanks for the adventure - now go have a new one!"

I have the rest of my life to have my adventure, if not, every day will be an adventure anyway. I will write my book but it will take more than making a few youtube videos for that to happen for me. I have to work hard, but in the meanwhile, I will admire the beauty of each day on Earth, because I don't know when it'll be my last.

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Back to Business

In preparation for the upcoming Cosmopolitan Blogger Masterclass, I decided it was time to make Hello Miss Jordan a bit more professional. I can't imagine me writing my URL down on scrap pieces of paper and giving them to random (possibly influential) people would be much help. 

I can't even describe to you how many hours I spent trying to find the right business card. I began by attempting to design my own, but that failed miserably when I tried to upload the picture and the format wasn't right. 

But my search ended when I laid eyes on this beautiful design, found on Moo Printing.

Not gonna lie, I think I may have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with these cards. Not only do they look perfect on the main side, but they also have five different designs on the reverse, so not everybody will receive the same picture.

I decided to go with a beauty theme, because not only did I love the watercolour effect of the products on the back, but I feel that beauty is something that encompasses my every day life, and that is, of course, what my blog is all about!

I have to say the only downside to these gorgeous little cards is the price. They were £10.99 for a pack of 50, but with everything layered on top including VAT and shipping, they came to £17.09. I've received mixed reactions about that price, with some saying that it's hardly worth it for a couple of cards and others agreeing that it's a good investment. However, I think for the quality of them compared to other places I researched I think it is well worth the money just for how eye catching they are. 

What do you think of my business cards? I think they look pretty perky in a bouquet of roses although I'm a little scared I'm not going to want to give them to anyone!

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Fairy Tale Tag

Aloha internet! The lovely Danielle from Underland to Wonderland clearly is the best judge of character, as she tagged me to take part in 'The Fairytale Tag'! My obsession with Disney and Fairy Tales sort of come hand in hand so I am extremely excited to take part!

Snow White - Do you consider yourself beautiful?

Like anybody, I'll sometimes wake up and feel absolutely rubbish. My skin will be blotchy and I'll have spots that just won't cover up. Most of the time, my hair lays flat and I can't get any volume in it. But there are also days when I do feel beautiful. These days usually consist of lots of effort on my appearance (which happens very rarely). 

Sleeping Beauty - How many hours do you sleep at night?

My optimum amount of sleep ranges from 8-9 hours, which if I get, means I'll wake up happily. Any less than seven and I get a little cranky.

Cinderella - Do you have a curfew?

I live with my boyfriend now, so no. But I never even had one when I lived with my parents as far as I can recall. I think they knew I'd always come home at a reasonable time.

Rapunzel - Do you love being outside?

Only when it's sunny and warm! If it's Winter I absolutely loathe going outside, but once the Summer comes around I'm out all the time to make the most of it. I love Summer clothes and when the flowers are in full bloom!

Red Riding Hood - Do you trust strangers easily?

Not at all. I don't trust anyone except my parents. 

Beauty and the Beast - What makes someone beautiful in your eyes?

Honesty, kindness, respect for the environment and those around them, being classy and never rude. But most of all, having a good soul. A girl at my old job was once saying how she thought she was ugly and wished she looked like another girl who worked there. She was speaking about this as I walked in the room and I told her, "You are beautiful. Someone could be as stereotypically "beautiful" as you can imagine, but it's what's on the inside that counts. She could have an ugly heart." The girl said thank you, but later went on to make my life pretty rubbish...see above question. 

The Little Mermaid - What would you sacrifice for love?

Nearly anything. I have sacrificed a lot for love in the past, so I can say from experience that I would go pretty far. 

The Frog Prince - What do you find disgusting?

Disrespectful people and drivers. People who are ignorant of others around them and only think about themselves. 

Jack and the Beanstalk - What plants do you have?

I have two hanging baskets which have an assortment of pretty flowers that I don't know the names of. I also tend to have a jug of flowers in the kitchen, but I have no garden so that's about it.

Puss in Boots - Do you have pets? If not, do you want them?

I don't have any. I would love a cat, a little dog or a lop eared house bunny to keep me company when my boyfriend's not around. But being a student, they're very expensive and I wouldn't want one if I didn't have the time to take care of it.

Pinocchio - What is your biggest wish?

Health and happiness.

Peter Pan - What is your mental age?

I'd say around six. I love Disney movies and kids cartoons and I'd much rather stay in than go out. I'm also very immature, as is my boyfriend, so we're pretty much perfect for each other. Two kids :)

The Snow Queen - Who is your best friend and what would you do for him/her?

My boyfriend. I'd do anything for him (except maybe clean up his vomit. There is a line).

The Princess & the Pea - Are you sensitive?

Yes, both physically and emotionally.

The Brave Little Tailor - Do you consider yourself brave?

Compared to how I used to be I think I've grown a lot braver. I could barely talk to strangers when I was sixteen and now I can talk to people all the time because of my job. I'm also heading to the Cosmopolitan Blogger's Masterclass next week; something I would never have signed up for last year. I also got on a bus on my own for the first time last month. It may sound silly but for me it was a big step in coming out of my shell.  

I hope you enjoyed this cute little tag. I tag;

Allie from Living Life in Docs
Emma from CheekySmiles101
Sophie from Pretty & Polished
Jess from GirlyCopyright
Lubka from The Blog of One Balgarka
Belle from Part of Belle's World

I also tag anyone else who wants to do it! Can't be excluding fellow Fairy Tale Fans! If you do post it, send me a link in the comments and I will check it out!

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Natural Neutrals

I have a confession. Before I bought this palette, I possessed a grand total of four different eyeshadows. I'm not talking about trios or anything, I mean four singular colours

Like anyone, I had been lusting after a Naked Palette for ages, but the price tag is a bit excessive in my opinion, so I continued using my same four every single day since Christmas. Before that, I don't think I even used eyeshadow. 

But then I discovered the elusive 'Naked 3 Dupe' as it has been whispered in hushed circles around the bloggosphere. 

The Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette appeared on my recent Summer Wishlist and I finally got round to ordering it after I noticed that it had started going out of stock. 

Drumroll please...

Ta da!

It's probably not that much of a surprise, actually. 

The packaging itself is plain black but sturdy and fits nicely into my makeup bag. It also comes with a nice long, double-ended brush, which means I can take it around on the go. The colours themselves are extremely similar to the Naked 3 Palette which means instead of near spending £40 on a set of eyeshadows, I only had to spend £4! I figured, even if these colours were a disappointment, it wasn't as if I had broken the bank.

But there was nothing to fear...for I LOVE IT. 

I decided to put them to the ultimate test and wear them at work, where I turn up with a full face of makeup and go home looking like I've just jumped into a river. I worked my way along the palette, starting with the lighter shades first, then the medium shades, then the dark. 

The shadows are lovely and soft when applied to my eyelid, and blend beautifully with each other. Some of the lighter shades need a few layers of application for them to be really noticeable, but that was no different with my Benefit eyeshadows. I love that the shimmer colours are nice and sparkly, as I have very small eyelids which makes it hard to see when I'm wearing eyeshadow sometimes. 

Here are some rubbish swatches I took. Hopefully it gives you a rough idea of what each colour looks like.

I was also extremely pleased with my end of shift result. Although my hands were covered in fruit stains and my concealer had somewhat faded, my eyeshadow had stayed put throughout the eight hours. 

For £4, this product is a steal. It's now made it's way into my daily makeup routine and I love the wide selection of colours that I can try in the morning. 

I will definitely be buying more from Makeup Revolution as a little birdy told me they do baked blushers for £2.50 and lipsticks for £1. Have we fallen down the rabbit hole into madness?! I now have another wishlist a mile long. Thanks guys.

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Fast Flavoursome Food

I love fast food. I love it even more when it's actually decent food. That's why I had a massive surprise when my mama, my friend and I visited Marks & Spencer, Bluewater the other day and came across a little cafe situated just off the food hall.

And I'm so glad we did.

I can't get enough of that pulled pork. 

My mama and I usually go to the Deli, which you could describe as the 'posher' eating area of the store. But after hearing my dad rant and rave about this place, we figured we should give it a shot. 

It's looks essentially like a coffee shop with a fast food restaurant attached. They have seven different meals for you to choose from (which is still too many for me to make a decision), all of which look delicious. They also serve all day breakfast buns which is great when you crave an afternoon bacon sandwich and can't find one anywhere!

Don't act like I'm the only one who has bacon cravings...

My mama ordered the 'Posh Dog', which literally does what it says on the tin. I've not seen a finer hot dog in these parts. He lounges in his Country Estate of a box, just waiting for a hungry person to take a nibble.

My friend and I both ordered the Pulled BBQ Pork, which was delicious. The bun was great quality and stuffed to the brim with thick, tender pork, pickles and coleslaw. A full shot can be seen at the beginning of this post, but here's the remnants after I had my greedy chops all over it. 

I also can never turn down the prospect of potato wedges. They were gorgeous and perfectly seasoned. Salty and peppery being the technical term, I'm sure. 

For what we received; huge, delicious meals that could hardly be faulted; the prices were very good. You wouldn't get a McDonald's for much cheaper!

I will definitely be heading back to this little gem of a place! You can find it at the Marks & Spencer in Bluewater, Kent and I haven't seen another on my travels. However, they may have a similar one in larger Marks & Spencer food halls.

Let me know your favourite ever fast food joint and I may just have know...take a peek.

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Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Creperie, Brighton

Warning: This post may cause severe mouthwatering. 

This is why.

Is that not just heaven on a plate? 

My ongoing addiction to all things pancake related drew me to The Creperie which has now shot to the top of my list of favourite Brighton haunts. 

Set right on the edge of Brighton's beautifully sunny seafront, this quaint blue building has been in the corner of my eye for quite a while now. I kept meaning to go in, but I just never got the chance. That was, until Tuesday, when I snuck in for a cheeky peek at the menu.

I was immediately hooked. I had to be held back by my boyfriend from ordering every single topping.

Buuut I'm a sucker for the Nutella and banana combination, so I went for 'Going Bananas'.

While I was waiting, I had a chance to eye up the decor. 

The walls are covered with crepe-making equipment and bags of hot chocolate. I was half tempted to move in. 

Plus the napkin designs were adorable. That doesn't seem like an important factor, but it is when they are this cute. 

Needless to say, what turned up did not disappoint. The crepe was absolutely huge and smothered in whipped cream.

The soft warm shell housed perfectly melted Nutella and sweet ripe bananas; a combination that was pure heaven in the mouth. 

I'm getting cravings just looking back at these photos! Don't you just want to eat it off the screen?

I was so happy that The Creperie made such a good first impression and I will now definitely be heading there for my pancake fix (hopefully to try some of the other toppings if I'm not always so tempted by 'Go Bananas'!). 

But wait! Even if you don't like crepes, they also serve a wide range of healthy salads and wraps, as well as Gelato and milkshakes which I shall definitely be testing out next time. Find them online and have a peek of their menu here 

This place is a MUST VISIT for pancake addicts fans! Excuse me, I'm late for my Pancakes Anonymous meeting.

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

California Dreamin'

I honestly do think that the months and months of cold and gloom that England must suffer through all becomes worth it when the sun shines. 

And as someone who loathes being cooped up inside during the Winter months, there's nothing better than going for a walk in the beautiful Sussex countryside...oh, and taking advantage of all my Summer outfits!

Digital Printed Skort, Miss Selfridge ~ Black 90s Square Crop Top, Miss Selfridge ~ Stone Leather Cross Strap Wedges, New Look

This is the season of skorts and I am most definitely addicted. Miss Selfridge currently have a massive selection in all different colours, but I went with this beautiful Palm themed, silky number.

Not only is the pattern beautiful - it reminds me of those old Chinese watercolour paintings mixed with a tropical getaway - but being shorts means I can leap, bound and climb rocks till my heart's content. 

I paired this with a black crop top, another style which comes in an abundance of colours in Miss Selfridge. You could also wear a peach, purple or turquoise one due to all the different colours in the skort. 

All those palm trees make me yearn for a holiday again. I suppose I can settle for oak trees, though...

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”
- F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Summer Wishlist

Wax Tart Burner ~ Eyeshadow Palette ~ Mug ~ Phone Case ~ Necklace ~ Clutch Bag

My first wishlist! As I've been quite the busy bee this week at work, I thought it would be nice to go on a fantasy shopping trip; preparing myself for payday, of course. But until then, I can only dream about having these beauties arrive at my door. So here's a little run down about each tempting treat...

Ceramic Bird Burner, Gifts & Pieces - I've been searching for the perfect wax tart burner for the high number of Yankee Candle tarts which are stuffed away in the cupboard. The poor things only ever see the light of day at Christmas, as I only have a Holiday Burner. But this is the one! As you can see, they also do a butterfly burner, which is equally gorgeous, but my heart belongs to the bird.

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette in Iconic 3, Superdrug - The legendary Naked 3 dupe, I absolutely love the colours in this palette, and definitely can't be bothered to fork out for a real Urban Decay (sorry! I'm a student!). In my opinion, this looks just as good and has nearly identical colours. And for £4, you can't go wrong really!

'Peek-a-boo' Scallop & Gold Detailed Mug, Gifts & Pieces - I have a bit of a mug obsession, as does my boyfriend, and we are slowly growing our collection of novelty mugs. This is just one of the sweetest mugs I've ever seen! There's something about it that's so elegant and pretty that I just want to DRINK BEVERAGES FROM IT.

'Frozen' Act of True Love Phone Case, Redbubble - As a huge Disney fan and equally huge 'Frozen' fan, I fell in love with this case from the moment I saw it. The stunning typography is designed by Risa Rodil (who has designed typography for a variety of quotes including Sherlock and Doctor Who!) and reads my favourite quote from the film; "Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart."

Gold Button Necklace, Aunt Sponge - I've been lusting after this necklace ever since I first saw it on The Londoner's blog last year. The shop is owned by her sister who hand crafts every piece of jewellery, so no piece is identical. All of the pieces on her website are lovely but there's something about that gold button that just takes the edge!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Book Clutch Purse, Etsy - I have a thing for books. I especially have a thing for beautiful old book covers. I even more especially have a thing for old book covers being turned into clutch bags so I can saunter about proclaiming my bookworm-ness to the world. Hence, I want this clutch bag. 'Nough said. 

What have you been lusting after this month?

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Friday, 6 June 2014

Favourite Fragrances

It wasn't until very recently that I started to get into perfume. In fact, it was probably only a year ago that I actually began to wear some kind of scent every single day. Now I'm addicted, as you can see. There's nothing nicer than having choice, after all!

So here at my top five favourite scents for you all to enjoy, including two body mists, one cologne, one Eau de Parfum and one body crème. 

1. Rome Honeysuckle Amore - Bath & Body Works
This gorgeous combination of pink honeysuckle, golden peach and Cyprus woods was my favourite scent for ages. It was actually given free when I visited Bath & Body in Dubai and is sadly a limited edition. However, you can still buy it on Amazon and various other websites by clicking the link! 

2. Sexy Escape, Island - Victoria's Secret
I wrote about this mist before in my 'Gifts from Abroad' post, and it's definitely become one of my favourites since I've started wearing it. It's perfect for summer, as the name would suggest and I literally smother myself in it's tropical fruity floral aroma when I go out for the day in shorts or a summery dress. VS also sell variations of this mist with different holiday titles like Ocean and Sunset, which are all very tempting, especially if you're going for a summery getaway. 

3. Angels Only - Victoria's Secret
One of Victoria's Secret's newest fragrances, this perfume is my go-to for every day. It's an absolutely beautiful combination of apple blossom and freesia which makes me feel so uplifted every time I spray it on. It also lasts all day which is one of the main factors in a fragrance, obviously. I usually layer this over the top of my Rome Honeysuckle Amore mist for a long-lasting, floral attack on the senses (that sounds violent, but it's a nice attack, like a summer breeze). 

4. Rapture - Victoria's Secret
This product is actually a cologne and I would have never picked it out myself if it weren't for my mama, who said that it was nice and I should trust her. Can't argue with her really. This is much more of a warm, musky smell which is perfect for autumn and winter, so has recently been less used. However, that doesn't distract from how gorgeous the smell is. My only complaint about this product would be that it doesn't last very long, as it is a cologne, so you have to put quite a lot on. But, it is a lot cheaper than regular VS perfumes, so is worth it for the budget price. And yes, I know the majority of this list consists of Victoria's Secret products, but I love them, so I can't lie!

5. Peony and Blush Suede - Jo Malone
This is definitely in the running for my all time favourite smell ever. I was given a taste (or a sniff!) of this product when I was given a complimentary hand and arm massage at the Jo Malone store in Brighton, and this was matched to my own personal fragrance palette. My product is a stunning floral body crème which I use as a day to day 'perfume'. I love that it works as both a moisturiser for my neck and chest and also releases the beautiful smell. I would also recommend this for hot, summer days, as the scent becomes even more powerful when your body gets hot. Hopefully, I shall get this in the cologne when I run out!

Obviously, these are just my top picks, but what are yours? What's your go-to Summer scent?

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