Cosmo Calling

Prepare for photos...they're coming fast and heavy!

Yesterday, Allie (from Living Life in Docs) and I journeyed to good old London for Cosmopolitan's Superblogger Masterclass. I had booked my ticket as soon as I saw the advert in the magazine and was extremely excited to gain tips from the likes of Fleur De Force and Kat Williams. 

We got there extremely early, so decided to take the scenic tour of London's pretty streets.

There's nothing quite like London in full bloom.

I want to live in this house. The girl on the porch looks like she's living the dream. I was half tempted to jump over the gate and join her.

Because it's Summer, you never quite know what weather you'll be treated to, so I thought I'd go with something comfy and casual, but I also wanted to make a good first impression. After all, this was a venue that would soon be filled with fashion & beauty bloggers.

I hope you're all happy, this outfit was the result of days of planning. 

Knowing that a lot of walking would be involved, I wore my 'go-to' boots from New Look. Sadly, I cannot link these to you as I bought them four years ago. They were £70, but I can honestly say they were the best purchase I've ever made. Not only have they lasted this long, but they look great with practically anything and are super comfy, even with a heel. 

My jeans are Miss Selfridge and my top is Gilly Hicks (again, a very old buy). Earrings - Lipsy (similar here) and my bag is my super-buy Michael Kors tote (similar here). 

I'm really sorry that nearly all of my outfit consists of stuff that you actually cannot buy anymore...but I'm a student so pffft. 

As we continued walking, we came across a secret garden, filled with beautiful foliage, a fountain and perfect lighting. A blogger's paradise! 

I love these little areas of London, which nobody knows exists. We exited the busy streets and took more outfit photos, as you do.

After the exhaustive journey of outfit snaps, we stopped for Starbucks, like true city-dwellers. 

If you're wondering what my Starbucks order is, it's steamed milk with a shot of vanilla and whipped cream. Not only is it cheaper than the majority of things on the menu, but it tastes phenomenal, like melted vanilla ice cream (in a good way!). And I had a cookie, because I could. 

Finally, it was time for the big event. We arrived at the Millbank Media Centre, greeted with glasses of champers and Fleur De Force sitting right opposite from us. We were tempted to talk to her, but before we had time to pluck up the courage, she had been summoned away to the theatre. 

The eager beavers that we were, we scurried in and got front row seats, right in front of the panel!

Behind us, the rows of seats filled up with bloggers, all with their phones out tweeting commentary via the hashtag #cosmocareers, as we all sat in a flurry of social media and information. 

The talk turned out to be brilliant, filled with hints and tips from everyone. It was nice to see that each of the speakers was specialised in a specific category of the blogging world, whether it be from the perspective of a PR to someone with a lot of knowledge on the technical side of blogging. 

We also received goodie bags...which had chocolate in them. I was only slightly disappointed that everyone had pop chips in their bag and I didn't. Life's problems...

BUT I got a cheeky pic with Fleur, whose outfit I loved. 

I touched her, so we basically did a collab, so I'm basically a top blogger now. Just sayin'. 

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