Primark Haul

Like any other British girl, Primark is positively a treasure trove of "wear once then throw away" items. My local Primark is pretty naff to say the least. I don't know why the Brighton Primark is so bad but it's always really messy and the clothing choices just aren't that nice. 

Sooo I took a trip to Essex to go to my favourite Primark of all time; Lakeside. If you haven't been to this one I insist you go. They stock nearly the entire collection, plus it's really neat and organised.

I managed to get some pretty decent stuff this time, so I thought I'd share it with all of you, because I know how interested you all are in my purchase (am I being sarcastic? I don't know). 

Possibly my favourite purchase was this Navy Striped Jumper, which has a really pretty, nautical air to it. I love the seaside and I think this will look gorgeous with some shorts, some cut offs or basically anything really. Can't have too many jumpers! Was only £6 too.

I don't know if you've ever bought/heard of non-slip hangers, but since I bought these my life has been changed forever. Never again shall I face the horror of opening my closet to find my most expensive silky dresses strewn across the wardrobe floor. Those days are gone, for just £4.

I got some Footies (in the wrong size bleugghh but £2 so that's okay) which are to go in my new Converse Dupes (pictured below). They have padded soles and heels so if these cheap trainers kill my feet at least I'll have a little bit of protection. I bought the trainers mainly because I was going to spend £45 on a pair of real Converses that I wanted, but saw these and they look near identical. If it turns out they're rubbish, they were only £6, so not a major loss.

I bought a new pair of slippers since my other ones went all gross a couple weeks back. I was so happy to see a slipper section, as usually they clear out this stock in the Summer. But these adorable, fur-lined cuties were only £4 and kind of remind me of Frozen.

As you may or may not know I am travelling to Rome very soon, and wanted a little crossover bag (£4) to keep all my money safe. This is the perfect size and is a lovely neutral cream colour, so will basically go with everything.

Last but not least I got these really sweet looking floral bow clips for every day use. Most of my clips are just plain black or brown, so it will be nice to have a bit of colour in my hair for once. These were £1.50

I also bought this t-shirt which says "Haute Couture" on it (for only £3!), simply for wearing under my many pairs of dungarees. I'm a not a huge t-shirt person, in fact it's very rare that you'll see my in one, but I just really needed a top I didn't hate to go under my cute little onesies. It's also got a cool, festival vibe to it. 

I hope you enjoyed my haul! Let me know what you think of my buys in the comments and what you've recently been haulin', especially in Primarni!

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