Friday, 28 November 2014

The Tea Files: The Bentley

My mama and I have made it our life long goal to try and test every afternoon tea in it only seemed fitting that a trip to London equalled afternoon tea. 

This time we paid a visit to The Bentley Hotel in Knightsbridge, where we all arrived for Champagne Afternoon Tea. My mama had got a good deal on this with a voucher, meaning that we paid £24.50 each as opposed to £35. 

On arrival, we were promptly presented with four sparkling glasses of Moët & Chandon NV...mine was just as promptly stolen by my mama, a) because I don't drink and b) because my mama really loves champagne. 

It wasn't long before tea was on the table. They have a massive selection, so basically any tea you can think of. 

Drinks were followed by the real goods. 

Finger sandwiches...

...a selection of homemade cakes...

...and of course, my favourite, scones. Served warm with homemade strawberry jam and a ball of clotted cream. 

My boyfriend enjoyed it...but maybe not while I was snapping pictures of him.

Overall, it was a lovely stop off on our London adventure, and the food was really quite pleasant. I'd say that compared to other afternoon teas we've had, it was ok. There were a couple of things that needed work, such as the freshness of a couple of the sandwiches and cakes, but for the price you get a lot of food which fills you to the brim. Also, my mama fairly pointed out that a glass of champagne that size would cost you around £17 in any London restaurant, so it was well worth the money in that respect. As always, we rate our afternoon teas out of 10 and we give this one 4/10. 

This is only a short little pop in from me today, but I promise there will be more Christmassy adventures from London on their way very soon...


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

20 Facts About Me

So, I was tagged to do the 50 Random Facts About Me Tag about a million times, but don't actually have 50 facts to give you. So here, for your enjoyment are 20, but with a bit more detail.

1. I am obsessed with chocolate - I eat far more than I should and when I was younger I used to have two treat sized packs of Milkybar buttons everyday after breakfast.

2. Technically, my first kiss was a stage kiss - I say technically because I had never kissed anybody before that, so I suppose it was the technical one? I was sixteen anyway, and the show was Hairspray. The first actual kiss was when I was eighteen. It wasn't as good as the stage one. 

3. Out of all the Disney Princesses I think I am most like Belle - our hair colour and style are the same, we both love adventures and we both love books. Yet everyone I've met said I should be Snow White. 

4. There is only one attraction in Walt Disney World that I won't enter - It's Tough to Be a Bug because it's absolutely terrifying. I've only ever been on it once when I was little and I had to sit on my mama's lap the entire time because I was so scared of the sensation of having bugs crawling on me. 

5. I love the build up to Christmas much more than Christmas day - I find the lead up so much more magical! Wrapping and exchanging presents, decorating the house, baking Christmas treats! Not to mention how jolly everything feels. Christmas day goes so fast and afterwards I feel the sort of "Now what?" sensation. 

6. I won the gold in a Junior Ski Championship in Switzerland when I was ten - As the awards were announced, I genuinely thought that they had forgotten me. They went from slowest time to fastest and by the time they reached gold, I was prepared to demand what my time was. But it turns out I was the fastest slalom skier and beat all the other countries competing. 

7. I have a rare eye disorder known as Brown's Syndrome - When I was little my parents took me to the doctor because I had trouble looking up. I was diagnoses with Brown's syndrome after they discovered that I couldn't look up without moving my head, and if I kept my head still then only one eye would move upwards, while the other stays straight looking forward. I also see double when looking up. I still have it now but as I don't tend to look up without moving my head, it doesn't have a massive affect.

8. The first 'novel' I ever finished was a story about puppies - It was titled 'The Golden Five' and was about five golden retriever puppies who went on adventures. I used size 20 font to make it look like the size of a 'proper book' and to this day is the only book I've ever finished. 

9. Disney Channel stole my ideas - Well...not really. But I had the idea for a show about wizards in the real world right before Wizards of Waverly Place was announced, and I also had the idea for a normal girl to be cast on a comedy show (Sonny With A Chance). Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

10. I used to be scared of Santa Claus - Yep, I was that kid. I was terrified of coming down the stairs on Christmas morning because I thought Santa might still be there and I never wanted to meet him in those weird shopping centre grottos. Sorry, Santa. I love you now. 

11. I cry at everything - I do mean everything. It can be happy or sad, I will burst into tears any chance I get. When I went to Disney World this year I cried at the Magic Kingdom opening show when Mickey Mouse arrived on the train. I also cried in the middle of World of Disney on our last day, go figure.

12. I'm borderline obsessed with the Bioshock game series, but I've never actually played the games - I have, however, watched my boyfriend play it, which counts right? Because of my rubbish gaming abilities I much prefer to watch other people play them and indulge more in the story. The Bioshock storylines are just so flipping awesome and I could literally just talk about them all night. 

13. I have a phobia of spiders, but I refuse to let people kill them - They may be terrifying and hideous but them spiders are good for the ecosystem. I'd much rather there be a few spiders in the corners of my house than have to walk through fly swarms on a daily basis. My compassion goes for all insects with the exception of flies and cockroaches. Also the misunderstood spider meme broke my heart. 

14. When I was younger my cousin bought me a hamster for my birthday, only to have it die after a day - There is nothing more disturbing than finding your sleeping hamster is actually dead. They turn into furry rocks. Anyway, we got a refund at the store (because you know, living organisms can be exchanged like dresses) and I was given a different coloured hamster which I named 'Lucky', because it was lucky that I got a new hamster I guess. Anyway, he lived for five years.

15. When I was little I wished every night that I could turn into a horse - Mainly because I thought horses were a lot nicer than people. 

16. I once met Ant McPartlin in the Maldives while he was on his honeymoon - My mum proceeded to make friends with him and his wife and my family basically spent the rest of the holiday chilling with Ant. As you do. 

17. The only sports I am good at are horse riding and skiing - So you could've counted me out of double P.E. in school unless a stable or a dry slope had been miraculously installed. There was seriously nothing good about P.E.

18. My favourite colour for clothes is red, but my favourite colour for items is pink - Flipping fascinating. Are you fascinated? You should be.

19. I have been on over 200 flights in my lifetime - So I've probably spent a good proportion of my life in the air. My dad used to keep a record but he soon lost track. Ironically, I'm now more scared of flying than I was when I was little. 

20. I designed, edited and distributed my school year book alone - Originally, I posted a sign up sheet for a committee for the yearbook...and nobody signed up. Realising that I actually didn't need anyone else, I proceeded to create the entire year book via facebook to collect photos and quotes. I then had them printed and sold over 100 copies. The guy at the printers told me it was one of the best looking yearbooks he had ever seen. Aw shucks. 


Saturday, 22 November 2014

My Little Cosy Box

As soon as I discovered the theme of this month's My Little Box I was extremely excited to see what was in store. If you know me, you'll know that I don't like anything about Winter apart from the ability to be cosy. 

Once again my box arrived perfectly packaged on my doorstep, all tied up with a bow. 

It may be sad, but my favourite thing about these boxes are the quoted cards you get at the front of each one. They are always so pretty and I have started building up a small collection on my desk. 

Of course there was the obligatory copy of My Little World magazine.

Below which rested a few little lifestyle goodies. 

I was a bit worried at first that I'd been sent coffee, something I absolutely loathe. 

But what was actually inside was something far sweeter.

A mini mug with a cute illustration on the side. This will sound weird, but I absolutely love mini hot chocolates, as a full one can really bloat me. So there will be no doubt that I will be getting this out when I'm in need of a chocolate fix.

On the side is the phrase "How is your day gonna be?"

And if you're not sure, you'll know the answer by the time you've finished your drink.

The next lifestyle product was a cute little pillow which can be popped into the microwave to be heated up in the colder months. I haven't used one of these for a while but I will definitely be using this inside my coat when I walk to uni from now on!

The beauty products included this month were a My Little Beauty Volume and Care Mascara, an Essie Mini Nail Polish in 'Cute As A Button' and an Arancil Starliner Black Waterproof Eyeliner.

Once again I'm super happy with the choice of beauty products, especially with the Essie nail polish. I've always wanted to try one of them before and the shade is gorgeous and so me. 

I usually don't wear pencil eyeliner because I have trouble getting it to show up on my wrinkly eyelids, but this one is super soft and really pigmented. 

Finally, the mascara looks really nice and I'm happy that it's focused on volume as that's where I have trouble. 

November's Box really stood out for me and is probably up there as my favourite one so far, just surpassing My Little Parisienne Box. If you want to purchase your own box, be sure to head on over to the My Little Box website where you can subscribe for only £11 a month + P&P. It's pretty much the best box on the market at the moment, in my opinion.

Let me know in the comments how you like to stay cosy!


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Christmas Gift Guide for Disney Lovers

Did you see this one coming? Probably. My obsession with Disney is probably only rivalled by my obsession with Christmas, so BAM! I smashed them together in one Disney filled festive post of holiday joy for you all to enjoy. 

Despite my love of Disney, I'm very particular about what kind of Disney themed things I have in my life. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the paintings and hand-painted ornaments, but my all time favourite Disney gifts are the subtle ones, and the ones which I know I will use and have personal meaning to me that maybe not everyone else will understand. I mean, there's only so many pairs of mouse themed pyjamas one can receive. So here's my take on a gift guide for the Disney lover in your life. 

Christmas gift guide for disney lovers

First Row

The Little Mermaid Book Clutch ~ I've mentioned my love of book themed clutches before and this has to be up there with one of my favourites. A gorgeous pastel blue/grey colour it is perfect for a lovers of Disney and literature alike. 

Peter Pan Retro Travel Print ~ Always wanted to look like you've just returned from Neverland? Obviously. Now this has been made possible by this gorgeous print that would look beautiful framed anywhere in the house. Also available in Atlantica, Rapunzel's Tower and other Disney locations.

Apple Stud Earrings ~ These look literally good enough to eat. Although not Disney themed, they remind me of Snow White's apple so much and are an unusual take on fruit themed earrings. 

Second Row

Up Macbook Decal Sticker ~ An adorable way to make your laptop a bit more unique. This is the perfect stocking filler as well, at only £3. 

Beauty and the Beast Red Rose Necklace ~ Not only is this necklace Disney themed, but it's also romantic. And red roses are my favourite flower. This may have had an influence.

Disney World Tank Top with Bow ~ This top is perfect for slouching around the house, working out or even just wearing in Disney World. It also has a really accurate statement on the front. 

Third Row

Worth Melting For Sweater ~ Super cosy and super cute, this sweater has one of my favourite quotes from Frozen on it. Buy this sweater for someone who you would melt for. Aww. 

Disney World Vintage Attraction Posters ~ I chose to put Splash Mountain as the example because it's my favourite ride and I've always loved this poster. But if your loved one loves another ride, they have all of the old posters which used to be up around the park. I think this gift is really original and shows a lot of thought, especially if you know their favourite ride!

Silver Split Pod Necklace ~ Another lovely piece of jewellery, this one is crafted with Tinkerbell in mind and looks so fairy-like and magical. It's also the kind of necklace that looks really unique and special, not something you'd find every day.

Let me know if you're a Disney lover too and what you think of my gift guide. I hope you find it helpful this Christmas! 


Monday, 17 November 2014

5 Things About Beauty I Wish I'd Known at 16

5 things about beauty I wish i'd know at 16

So the truth is, when I was sixteen, I kind of hated makeup. I avoided it like the plague. To me, it was one of those things that the popular girls wore and it made you look grown up and boring. And I seriously did not want to grow up. But I never really understood what beauty was, until I became who I am today.

So here is a letter to sixteen year old me, on the topic of beauty.

Dear sixteen year old Jordan,

We both know the reason I'm writing this to you. I think you're probably still too young to understand beauty, and even too young to understand makeup, but I thought I'd give it a go at telling you this anyway. I know you'll ignore me. You'll shake your head and say you get it, but really you don't. And the truth is, you don't need to get it. You just need to be you. 

Number one. You don't need to wear makeup for anyone else but you. I know there's a boy. I know he seems like the world. I know you change. You start to cover up the dark circles under your eyes and you blush your cheeks to hide the blushing. You add lipstick to brighten your face. And that's brilliant. Except for you, right now, it isn't. You haven't changed yourself for you, you've changed yourself for him. And I know you're not ready. 

When you are older, you will learn to love makeup. It will make you feel brighter and more confident, but at the moment, it just makes you feel small. It makes you feel small when he doesn't notice and it overwhelms you with negativity. When you are ready, you can plaster your face with everything under the sun, but for now, be you for you. If you do something for somebody else, even if it's something you don't mind, you will end up hating it.

5 things about beauty I wish i'd know at 16 no makeup
Photo Credits: School friend and awesome face-owner Leigh Collier

Number two. Wearing makeup won't change you as a person. Despite your belief, it won't make you an adult. It won't stop you from loving Disney and unicorns and it won't make you like the mean girls. It's fine if you're not ready, but perhaps you're holding yourself back from something you'll really enjoy. Don't be afraid, just say yes.

But number three, not wearing makeup has its upsides too. When you're older, you'll have great skin, which is something you probably don't even notice right now. But trust me, the years spent foundation-less really pay off in the long run. You'll also save a lot of money. Which you'll eventually end up spending on makeup anyway. Sorry about that.

5 things about beauty I wish i'd know at 16 no makeup

Until then, you need to take care of what's behind your face, before putting on your face. That's number four. Your self-esteem, your confidence, your optimism. These are the things that the mirror should see before your gaping mouth as you apply mascara. All of these things, and more, are ones which should be treasured and cared for, and gently applied every morning so they shine through. These will make you far more beautiful than any eyeshadow ever will.

And lastly, your beauty isn't measured in your ability to appear beautiful, it's in your ability to be beautiful. When you grow up, you will be valued for your kindness and strength. You will be loved for your wit and your laughter. And while you will love to wear red lipstick and fancy clothes, these will only be an embellishment to your true beauty, which lies within.


Friday, 14 November 2014

Crazy Crepes

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

Christmas in Brighton can only mean one thing; Christmas markets. Which in turn equals CREPES.

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

Well, it doesn't necessarily equal crepes but this year it does with the arrival of Crazy Crepes at the little Christmas huts outside of Churchill Square Shopping Centre in Brighton. Saying that, I'm pretty sure they're here every year, but I just have failed to either see them or buy a crepe. 

But today, this was to change. We wrapped up warm and headed into Brighton town centre where the Christmas lights were sparkling over the streets. As soon as we walked out of the shopping centre I was hit by the smell of melted chocolate and fresh pancakes. I hurried over to the little hut in question, and they kindly let me take some photographs of them in crepe making action.

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

Their stall also possesses a staggering amount of Nutella, which really is the bee's knees.

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

I reckon that this Santa is the guardian of the Nutella fortress. 

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

And, if you don't like crepes (as if!) they also serve waffles. 

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

They serve pretty much any topping under the sun, including savoury versions and alcoholic ones. To me, getting drunk on pancakes really is the only acceptable way to go about it. 

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

The customers before us had chocolate liqueur with fresh strawberries. 

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

Then he got onto making ours...

In my opinion crepe making is one of the most satisfying things to watch ever. 

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

Both my boyfriend and I chose the Banoffee special which consisted of fresh bananas (obviously)...

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

...crunchy digestive biscuit...

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

...and a good smothering of toffee sauce.

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square banoffee

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

Once folded up into a lovely cone, they were topped with a smothering of whipped cream. 

Here's my finished result, if you can bear to look without salivating.

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

And here's some pictures of me looking extremely happy with my crepes.

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

I promise they weren't both for me...

Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square


Crazy Crepes Brighton Churchill Square

Can you pan-take my word for it? 


Tuesday, 11 November 2014


"I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important thing in a person."
- Audrey Hepburn

In my short time on Earth, the one thing I've noticed is a decrease in happiness. Not necessarily in each person, but in the abundance of happiness as a whole concept; as a life choice. 

Having worked in various restaurants for over four years now, I've received my fair share of rude and abusive customers. I've been shouted at and asked "Are you an idiot, or something?", with the only professional and to be frank, allowed response, is to smile and deal with their unreasonable request in whatever way suits them. The thing is, although it hurt a little when their angry red faces were screwed up, near to exploding with a fit of rage, I later sat down and couldn't help but laugh

This is also prominent on the internet. The hate on youtube videos, blogs and twitter from people who do not even know the person they are sending abuse to. It baffles me as to why people sit in front of their computer with the aim to spread sadness, when they could be spreading laughter and joy. It takes five seconds to compliment somebody, so why not?

Then it clicked. I realised how sad the lives of these people who insist on spreading hate must be. So now, I give the benefit of the doubt. I try to bring as much light into people's lives as I possibly can. And most of all, I laugh. 

It dawned on me the other day, that it is so much harder to be mean to people than it is just to be pleasant and smile. Which is when the idea for this campaign popped into my head. 

The Laughing Project is simple; spread your laughter. You know how when you're with a group of friends and then one person starts laughing at something? By the end of it, you're all in hysterics, even if the thing they were originally laughing at wasn't that funny to you. That's kind of what this is all about.

To take part, all you have to is share your happiness and laughter, using the hashtag #thelaughingproject through your blogs, Twitter or Instagram. 

There are three ways to take part:
  1. Upload a photo of your beautiful laughing face. It can be as recent or as old as you like.
  2. Tell the story of the funniest thing that's ever happened to you that made you laugh (it can be related to the photo if you want but it doesn't have to be). 
  3. Say about something which you have done to spread laughter or happiness recently (< I think this is the most important!)
Obviously these are the main guidelines, but you can be as creative as you like! 

I'll go first! 

These pictures were taken at my 20th birthday when we went out for dinner. I was waiting for dessert (no surprise there) when my soufflé arrived, complete with a candle and "Happy Birthday Jordan" written in chocolate on the plate. I had previously been to the opening of the restaurant and I had met some of the chefs, who now were standing by the kitchen entrance and singing. And I swear to God I could not stop laughing for long enough to blow out my candles.

Some things I did to spread happiness recently;

  • Cooking my boyfriend steak, homemade chips, roasted tomato and peas after his eleven hour shift. He ate the whole lot and told me it was great, which really means a lot coming from a chef.
  • Baked a cake and took it to musical rehearsals for the cast. 
  • Took the time to help a family at work who were struggling to seat all their children, so I helped them to find the space, even when we were very busy. The lady later thanked me and told me I was lovely *blushes*.

I really would love you all to join me in spreading happiness, not hate, and I cannot wait to see all your wonderful contributions! Be sure to link me to your pictures/posts/videos on twitter @hellomissjordan and remember to use #thelaughingproject. I've really wanted to do this for ages but haven't really plucked up the courage, so I would love to hear your thoughts on the campaign in the comments below. This may or may not work, but if I make at least one person smile with my silly photos then in my eyes it's been a success. 

Thank you, beautiful fellow humans!  

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