20 Facts About Me

So, I was tagged to do the 50 Random Facts About Me Tag about a million times, but don't actually have 50 facts to give you. So here, for your enjoyment are 20, but with a bit more detail.

1. I am obsessed with chocolate - I eat far more than I should and when I was younger I used to have two treat sized packs of Milkybar buttons everyday after breakfast.

2. Technically, my first kiss was a stage kiss - I say technically because I had never kissed anybody before that, so I suppose it was the technical one? I was sixteen anyway, and the show was Hairspray. The first actual kiss was when I was eighteen. It wasn't as good as the stage one. 

3. Out of all the Disney Princesses I think I am most like Belle - our hair colour and style are the same, we both love adventures and we both love books. Yet everyone I've met said I should be Snow White. 

4. There is only one attraction in Walt Disney World that I won't enter - It's Tough to Be a Bug because it's absolutely terrifying. I've only ever been on it once when I was little and I had to sit on my mama's lap the entire time because I was so scared of the sensation of having bugs crawling on me. 

5. I love the build up to Christmas much more than Christmas day - I find the lead up so much more magical! Wrapping and exchanging presents, decorating the house, baking Christmas treats! Not to mention how jolly everything feels. Christmas day goes so fast and afterwards I feel the sort of "Now what?" sensation. 

6. I won the gold in a Junior Ski Championship in Switzerland when I was ten - As the awards were announced, I genuinely thought that they had forgotten me. They went from slowest time to fastest and by the time they reached gold, I was prepared to demand what my time was. But it turns out I was the fastest slalom skier and beat all the other countries competing. 

7. I have a rare eye disorder known as Brown's Syndrome - When I was little my parents took me to the doctor because I had trouble looking up. I was diagnoses with Brown's syndrome after they discovered that I couldn't look up without moving my head, and if I kept my head still then only one eye would move upwards, while the other stays straight looking forward. I also see double when looking up. I still have it now but as I don't tend to look up without moving my head, it doesn't have a massive affect.

8. The first 'novel' I ever finished was a story about puppies - It was titled 'The Golden Five' and was about five golden retriever puppies who went on adventures. I used size 20 font to make it look like the size of a 'proper book' and to this day is the only book I've ever finished. 

9. Disney Channel stole my ideas - Well...not really. But I had the idea for a show about wizards in the real world right before Wizards of Waverly Place was announced, and I also had the idea for a normal girl to be cast on a comedy show (Sonny With A Chance). Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

10. I used to be scared of Santa Claus - Yep, I was that kid. I was terrified of coming down the stairs on Christmas morning because I thought Santa might still be there and I never wanted to meet him in those weird shopping centre grottos. Sorry, Santa. I love you now. 

11. I cry at everything - I do mean everything. It can be happy or sad, I will burst into tears any chance I get. When I went to Disney World this year I cried at the Magic Kingdom opening show when Mickey Mouse arrived on the train. I also cried in the middle of World of Disney on our last day, go figure.

12. I'm borderline obsessed with the Bioshock game series, but I've never actually played the games - I have, however, watched my boyfriend play it, which counts right? Because of my rubbish gaming abilities I much prefer to watch other people play them and indulge more in the story. The Bioshock storylines are just so flipping awesome and I could literally just talk about them all night. 

13. I have a phobia of spiders, but I refuse to let people kill them - They may be terrifying and hideous but them spiders are good for the ecosystem. I'd much rather there be a few spiders in the corners of my house than have to walk through fly swarms on a daily basis. My compassion goes for all insects with the exception of flies and cockroaches. Also the misunderstood spider meme broke my heart. 

14. When I was younger my cousin bought me a hamster for my birthday, only to have it die after a day - There is nothing more disturbing than finding your sleeping hamster is actually dead. They turn into furry rocks. Anyway, we got a refund at the store (because you know, living organisms can be exchanged like dresses) and I was given a different coloured hamster which I named 'Lucky', because it was lucky that I got a new hamster I guess. Anyway, he lived for five years.

15. When I was little I wished every night that I could turn into a horse - Mainly because I thought horses were a lot nicer than people. 

16. I once met Ant McPartlin in the Maldives while he was on his honeymoon - My mum proceeded to make friends with him and his wife and my family basically spent the rest of the holiday chilling with Ant. As you do. 

17. The only sports I am good at are horse riding and skiing - So you could've counted me out of double P.E. in school unless a stable or a dry slope had been miraculously installed. There was seriously nothing good about P.E.

18. My favourite colour for clothes is red, but my favourite colour for items is pink - Flipping fascinating. Are you fascinated? You should be.

19. I have been on over 200 flights in my lifetime - So I've probably spent a good proportion of my life in the air. My dad used to keep a record but he soon lost track. Ironically, I'm now more scared of flying than I was when I was little. 

20. I designed, edited and distributed my school year book alone - Originally, I posted a sign up sheet for a committee for the yearbook...and nobody signed up. Realising that I actually didn't need anyone else, I proceeded to create the entire year book via facebook to collect photos and quotes. I then had them printed and sold over 100 copies. The guy at the printers told me it was one of the best looking yearbooks he had ever seen. Aw shucks.