56 Questions to Ask A Potential Wedding Venue

As someone who has always been insanely organised with everything, choosing the right wedding venue is very important to me, and so before I visited any of my potential choices, I made sure that I had a list of all the questions that I wanted to ask them before I went, just so I knew exactly what I was getting myself in for! 

I shared my list on InstaStories the other day before viewing another venue and so many of you asked for my list that I thought I'd pop it on here for you to use as well if you're in the wedding planning process! Some people think I'm a bit extreme, but I want to be prepared, you know? 

I created this list from about four different bridal websites and compiled it together based on the kind of things that I valued in a venue. Of course, there may be additional questions you want to ask that I haven't included, so feel free to tweak as needed! 

1. Is the venue available for the dates wanted? 

2. How long can I provisionally hold a date for? 

3. How many guests can you accommodate in the day/evening?

4. Is the venue licensed for civil ceremonies?

5. What areas will be available to us?

6. Is the venue available for exclusive hire? 

7. If I don’t hire for exclusive use, who else will be there?

8. Who will be my point of contact on the lead up to the wedding?

9. Is there an in-house wedding planner? 

10. From the venue who will be present on the day? 

11. Do you have recommended suppliers and will we be allowed to bring in our own suppliers on the day?

12. Is there enough parking for all guests?

13. Can guests leave their cars overnight? 

The Ceremony 

14. Are there areas for both of us to get ready on the morning of the wedding?

15. Which locations are licensed for the ceremony?

16. What is the changeover plan from ceremony to reception room?

17. How flexible are you with timings of the day? 

18. Can you play music during the ceremony?

19. Are there any decor restrictions when it comes to the ceremony and reception rooms?

20. Is confetti allowed? 

The Wedding Breakfast

21. Do you offer a complimentary menu tasting included with catering costs?

22. What menu options do you have and do you cater for vegetarians/vegans?

23. What time is the meal served? 

24. How much alcohol is included per person and is there a corkage fee?

25. Are crockery and linen included in the price?

26. Are chairs included? 

27. What size tables do you have and do you have round tables?

28. What table options are there for the head table? 

29. Is there a cake cutting fee and do you provide cake-cutting utensils?

30. Can we plug an iPhone into the sound system for music during the breakfast? 

The Evening Reception

31. What evening food options do you have?

32. Can you accommodate a live band and DJ? When can they set up? 

33. Is there a sound limiter that the band/DJ should be aware of?

34. What are the bar prices? 

35. Will guests be able to pay using card or cash only?

36. What time will our evening reception need to finish? 


37. Do you have accommodation on site?

38. Do guests need to pay the venue directly for accommodation or can they pay us? 

39. What time can guests check in and out?


40. Do you have disabled access?

41. How many toilets are there?

42. Is there somewhere we can securely store wedding gifts?

43. Is the venue child-friendly?

44. Is there a smoking area? 

Pricing and Payment

45. How much is the initial deposit?

46. When do we need to make our final payment? 

47. Are there any additional charges we need to be made aware of that aren’t included in the prices given to us?

48. Can we negotiate on the cost?

49. Is VAT included in the prices?

50. What’s the cancellation policy? 


51. Do you have any restrictions? 

52. Do you have public liability insurance? 

53. Is lighting/sound included in the price? 

54. Will the venue clear everything away after the wedding or will we need to organise this? 

55. Are there any changes planned to the building before the wedding?

56. Are there any special reductions for off-peak season? 

I hope this has helped any of you who may be looking for your dream venue! Or let me know your wedding date in the comments if you've booked! x