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I'm Jordan, the face behind Hello Miss Jordan, the blog and the Instagram account. In 2019 I grew my Instagram account by over 40,000 followers, and over 25,000 so far in 2020. How did I do this? Simply by upping my game when it came to my content. I have been working hard on my account for a few years now, but it wasn't until I started putting the extra effort in that I started to see the results I wanted.

I often receive a variety of questions from followers about my editing process, how I take my photos and how I plan my feed, so often, in fact, that I have opened up some options for learning all of my insider knowledge and tips to help you succeed and achieve your goals. 

The Ebook

Up your 'Gram Game with my ebook. Within these pages, you will discover not only my tips and tricks to getting the best photos and how to edit them, but how upping your game when it comes to your feed will ultimately allow you to grow a successful platform. 

What It Includes

  • My full editing guide and app suggestions
  • Insider tips and tricks to getting the best photos
  • How to develop your personal style
  • Advice for posing, confidence and shooting in public spaces
  • Outfit and location planning 
  • Developing an engaged audience
  • Plus much more!

Private Consultations

If you'd like something a bit more private and exclusive to your personal content, I also offer private consultations. 

What It Includes

  • 45 minute Skype/Zoom call in which we will discuss the following;
  • First impressions of your Instagram account
  • Editing advice
  • What niche you should focus on
  • Hashtag advice and suggestions
  • Time to answer any additional questions you may have
  • A follow up email summarising the next steps you should take

Please email me at for my rates. 


"Thank you SO much for this session! You have not only given me so much insight that will help me get back on track, but also gave me the confidence I needed to move forward and grow my brand! I actually just changed my bio based off of your notes and I think it looks great. I am so excited to get started with the tips you gave me."

- Jenna, @circusofcakes

"Thank you so much for this it's fantastic, so comprehensive and has really made me see where I can focus without losing authenticity. I'm so impressed with how in depth the review was for the price - I feel like I've got a lot out of it." 

- Kate, @whatkateloves

"I thought it was very valuable and your expertise with Instagram really shone through! I felt like I was in safe, lovely hands."

- Doug,

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