Designing My Dream Dress with Lunss Couture

A couple of months ago a company called Lunss Couture (ad pr) asked if I would like to design a dress with them...and of course I said yes! There has been a certain dress that I have had in my head for a while - the ultimate princess gown, but while I had found similar designs online, there hadn't been anywhere that had created the exact dress that I had in my imagination. 

I submitted my idea to the Lunss designer, Tansy - a glittering tulle red dress with a corset bodice and puff sleeves. Tansy was very easy to chat to and very helpful with selecting the right fabrics and making sure that everything was just right. You can submit images on the website too, so if you like the style of a part of another dress you can send that over and they may be able to make something similar on your dress. For example, the skirt design on mine was similar to my Lirika Matoshi dress that I love, so I asked for a similar cut with more layers. 

It takes a few weeks for the creation to be finished, so I waited with baited breath to see the final result. Before sending, they sent me some photographs of the final design and I was overwhelmed with how beautiful it was, even in the initial photos. It was exactly the dress I had in my head and I couldn't wait for it to finally arrive! 

Of course, it was even more beautiful in person. It was made to measure to fit like an absolute glove. Every part of the dress was perfect and excellent quality too. And of course, as soon as I was allowed, I took my new baby out for a spin amongst the cherry blossoms. It was everything I could have asked for and more! 

I would highly recommend Lunss Couture if you are looking to create a truly special piece of your dreams. They are not a cheap option (my dress was valued at £495) but if you are looking to create a dream dress of high quality that you can't find anywhere else, they are the ones to go with. 

Let me know what you think of my creation and what your dream dress would look like in the comments! x