Let Beautiful Begin in Belgravia

Now that locations are starting to open up in London, I took a little trip to beautiful Belgravia (press invite) to celebrate the reopening of the many stores and restaurants there. It's one of my favourite London neighbourhoods and was such a fun experience to stop by, so I thought I'd pop on here and show you what my day was like, as it was really so fun.

I brought along my mum for the day and it was so lovely to get to spend time with her again. 

Our first stop was Jo Loves for a fragrance tapas session. Jo Loves is owned by Jo Malone and is one of my favourite locations for glorious scents. We got to try and test all of the fragrances in the range and I have to say, it was a very difficult choice to pick a favourite. I sat there for a good ten minutes going back and forth trying to decide which one to get! In the end, I chose Orange Butterflies which is a dreamy floral scent, although there were a few others that I absolutely adored as well!

After Jo Loves we headed for a spot of lunch at The Orange which is a pub and hotel just down the road. They serve classic, British dishes - think really high standard pub food! We were sat outside as inside seating was not allowed then, and even though it was a little chilly it was still a lovely experience. The food was delicious, especially the pizza, and the desserts were fantastic too! We had apple pie and chocolate fondant and they were both absolutely delicious. I could definitely eat it right now as I'm writing this! 

Our final stop was to Neill Strain, one of my favourite London florists. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that they do some absolutely gorgeous seasonal displays which I always make a note to photograph in front of. On this day, we headed inside to make some floral jewellery. We were given a premade base for our flower bracelets, as well as a selection of fresh florals and floral adhesive so that we could make some beautiful pieces.

Mine is on the left and my mum's is on the right! Which one is your favourite? 

We had such a wonderful day in Belgravia! It's so nice to see things in London opening back up and people getting out and enjoying themselves. It's been such a long Winter here in the UK and honestly it was just so nice to actually see people and go and sit at a restaurant. It really is the little things!

Have you ever visited Belgravia? If so, which restaurant/shop is your favourite? x