The Tea Files: The Bentley

My mama and I have made it our life long goal to try and test every afternoon tea in it only seemed fitting that a trip to London equalled afternoon tea. 

This time we paid a visit to The Bentley Hotel in Knightsbridge, where we all arrived for Champagne Afternoon Tea. My mama had got a good deal on this with a voucher, meaning that we paid £24.50 each as opposed to £35. 

On arrival, we were promptly presented with four sparkling glasses of Moët & Chandon NV...mine was just as promptly stolen by my mama, a) because I don't drink and b) because my mama really loves champagne. 

It wasn't long before tea was on the table. They have a massive selection, so basically any tea you can think of. 

Drinks were followed by the real goods. 

Finger sandwiches...

...a selection of homemade cakes...

...and of course, my favourite, scones. Served warm with homemade strawberry jam and a ball of clotted cream. 

My boyfriend enjoyed it...but maybe not while I was snapping pictures of him.

Overall, it was a lovely stop off on our London adventure, and the food was really quite pleasant. I'd say that compared to other afternoon teas we've had, it was ok. There were a couple of things that needed work, such as the freshness of a couple of the sandwiches and cakes, but for the price you get a lot of food which fills you to the brim. Also, my mama fairly pointed out that a glass of champagne that size would cost you around £17 in any London restaurant, so it was well worth the money in that respect. As always, we rate our afternoon teas out of 10 and we give this one 4/10. 

This is only a short little pop in from me today, but I promise there will be more Christmassy adventures from London on their way very soon...