The Christmas Gift Guide for Disney Lovers

Did you see this one coming? Probably. My obsession with Disney is probably only rivalled by my obsession with Christmas, so BAM! I smashed them together in one Disney filled festive post of holiday joy for you all to enjoy. 

Despite my love of Disney, I'm very particular about what kind of Disney themed things I have in my life. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the paintings and hand-painted ornaments, but my all time favourite Disney gifts are the subtle ones, and the ones which I know I will use and have personal meaning to me that maybe not everyone else will understand. I mean, there's only so many pairs of mouse themed pyjamas one can receive. So here's my take on a gift guide for the Disney lover in your life. 

Christmas gift guide for disney lovers

First Row

The Little Mermaid Book Clutch ~ I've mentioned my love of book themed clutches before and this has to be up there with one of my favourites. A gorgeous pastel blue/grey colour it is perfect for a lovers of Disney and literature alike. 

Peter Pan Retro Travel Print ~ Always wanted to look like you've just returned from Neverland? Obviously. Now this has been made possible by this gorgeous print that would look beautiful framed anywhere in the house. Also available in Atlantica, Rapunzel's Tower and other Disney locations.

Apple Stud Earrings ~ These look literally good enough to eat. Although not Disney themed, they remind me of Snow White's apple so much and are an unusual take on fruit themed earrings. 

Second Row

Up Macbook Decal Sticker ~ An adorable way to make your laptop a bit more unique. This is the perfect stocking filler as well, at only £3. 

Beauty and the Beast Red Rose Necklace ~ Not only is this necklace Disney themed, but it's also romantic. And red roses are my favourite flower. This may have had an influence.

Disney World Tank Top with Bow ~ This top is perfect for slouching around the house, working out or even just wearing in Disney World. It also has a really accurate statement on the front. 

Third Row

Worth Melting For Sweater ~ Super cosy and super cute, this sweater has one of my favourite quotes from Frozen on it. Buy this sweater for someone who you would melt for. Aww. 

Disney World Vintage Attraction Posters ~ I chose to put Splash Mountain as the example because it's my favourite ride and I've always loved this poster. But if your loved one loves another ride, they have all of the old posters which used to be up around the park. I think this gift is really original and shows a lot of thought, especially if you know their favourite ride!

Silver Split Pod Necklace ~ Another lovely piece of jewellery, this one is crafted with Tinkerbell in mind and looks so fairy-like and magical. It's also the kind of necklace that looks really unique and special, not something you'd find every day.

Let me know if you're a Disney lover too and what you think of my gift guide. I hope you find it helpful this Christmas!