Fast Flavoursome Food

I love fast food. I love it even more when it's actually decent food. That's why I had a massive surprise when my mama, my friend and I visited Marks & Spencer, Bluewater the other day and came across a little cafe situated just off the food hall.

And I'm so glad we did.

I can't get enough of that pulled pork. 

My mama and I usually go to the Deli, which you could describe as the 'posher' eating area of the store. But after hearing my dad rant and rave about this place, we figured we should give it a shot. 

It's looks essentially like a coffee shop with a fast food restaurant attached. They have seven different meals for you to choose from (which is still too many for me to make a decision), all of which look delicious. They also serve all day breakfast buns which is great when you crave an afternoon bacon sandwich and can't find one anywhere!

Don't act like I'm the only one who has bacon cravings...

My mama ordered the 'Posh Dog', which literally does what it says on the tin. I've not seen a finer hot dog in these parts. He lounges in his Country Estate of a box, just waiting for a hungry person to take a nibble.

My friend and I both ordered the Pulled BBQ Pork, which was delicious. The bun was great quality and stuffed to the brim with thick, tender pork, pickles and coleslaw. A full shot can be seen at the beginning of this post, but here's the remnants after I had my greedy chops all over it. 

I also can never turn down the prospect of potato wedges. They were gorgeous and perfectly seasoned. Salty and peppery being the technical term, I'm sure. 

For what we received; huge, delicious meals that could hardly be faulted; the prices were very good. You wouldn't get a McDonald's for much cheaper!

I will definitely be heading back to this little gem of a place! You can find it at the Marks & Spencer in Bluewater, Kent and I haven't seen another on my travels. However, they may have a similar one in larger Marks & Spencer food halls.

Let me know your favourite ever fast food joint and I may just have know...take a peek.

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