The Creperie, Brighton

Warning: This post may cause severe mouthwatering. 

This is why.

Is that not just heaven on a plate? 

My ongoing addiction to all things pancake related drew me to The Creperie which has now shot to the top of my list of favourite Brighton haunts. 

Set right on the edge of Brighton's beautifully sunny seafront, this quaint blue building has been in the corner of my eye for quite a while now. I kept meaning to go in, but I just never got the chance. That was, until Tuesday, when I snuck in for a cheeky peek at the menu.

I was immediately hooked. I had to be held back by my boyfriend from ordering every single topping.

Buuut I'm a sucker for the Nutella and banana combination, so I went for 'Going Bananas'.

While I was waiting, I had a chance to eye up the decor. 

The walls are covered with crepe-making equipment and bags of hot chocolate. I was half tempted to move in. 

Plus the napkin designs were adorable. That doesn't seem like an important factor, but it is when they are this cute. 

Needless to say, what turned up did not disappoint. The crepe was absolutely huge and smothered in whipped cream.

The soft warm shell housed perfectly melted Nutella and sweet ripe bananas; a combination that was pure heaven in the mouth. 

I'm getting cravings just looking back at these photos! Don't you just want to eat it off the screen?

I was so happy that The Creperie made such a good first impression and I will now definitely be heading there for my pancake fix (hopefully to try some of the other toppings if I'm not always so tempted by 'Go Bananas'!). 

But wait! Even if you don't like crepes, they also serve a wide range of healthy salads and wraps, as well as Gelato and milkshakes which I shall definitely be testing out next time. Find them online and have a peek of their menu here 

This place is a MUST VISIT for pancake addicts fans! Excuse me, I'm late for my Pancakes Anonymous meeting.

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