Natural Neutrals

I have a confession. Before I bought this palette, I possessed a grand total of four different eyeshadows. I'm not talking about trios or anything, I mean four singular colours

Like anyone, I had been lusting after a Naked Palette for ages, but the price tag is a bit excessive in my opinion, so I continued using my same four every single day since Christmas. Before that, I don't think I even used eyeshadow. 

But then I discovered the elusive 'Naked 3 Dupe' as it has been whispered in hushed circles around the bloggosphere. 

The Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette appeared on my recent Summer Wishlist and I finally got round to ordering it after I noticed that it had started going out of stock. 

Drumroll please...

Ta da!

It's probably not that much of a surprise, actually. 

The packaging itself is plain black but sturdy and fits nicely into my makeup bag. It also comes with a nice long, double-ended brush, which means I can take it around on the go. The colours themselves are extremely similar to the Naked 3 Palette which means instead of near spending £40 on a set of eyeshadows, I only had to spend £4! I figured, even if these colours were a disappointment, it wasn't as if I had broken the bank.

But there was nothing to fear...for I LOVE IT. 

I decided to put them to the ultimate test and wear them at work, where I turn up with a full face of makeup and go home looking like I've just jumped into a river. I worked my way along the palette, starting with the lighter shades first, then the medium shades, then the dark. 

The shadows are lovely and soft when applied to my eyelid, and blend beautifully with each other. Some of the lighter shades need a few layers of application for them to be really noticeable, but that was no different with my Benefit eyeshadows. I love that the shimmer colours are nice and sparkly, as I have very small eyelids which makes it hard to see when I'm wearing eyeshadow sometimes. 

Here are some rubbish swatches I took. Hopefully it gives you a rough idea of what each colour looks like.

I was also extremely pleased with my end of shift result. Although my hands were covered in fruit stains and my concealer had somewhat faded, my eyeshadow had stayed put throughout the eight hours. 

For £4, this product is a steal. It's now made it's way into my daily makeup routine and I love the wide selection of colours that I can try in the morning. 

I will definitely be buying more from Makeup Revolution as a little birdy told me they do baked blushers for £2.50 and lipsticks for £1. Have we fallen down the rabbit hole into madness?! I now have another wishlist a mile long. Thanks guys.

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