Dishoom, Kensington

A few weeks ago I was invited down to Dishoom's Kensington branch for dinner to try out their delicious sounding menu. As you all know, I'm a huge fan of Indian food and I had only heard good things about Dishoom through the grapevine, so I was very excited to try it for myself! Our meal here was complimentary in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own.

When we visited, I took all of my own photos as usual, but then when I got home the SD card corrupted and I lost them all! Such a nightmare. However, the restaurant have kindly allowed me to use their own photos here, which are gorgeous anyway! I hope you don't mind! 

The decor of the restaurant is super cool and gives off serious Art Deco meets Indiana Jones vibes, with lots of warm tones, chandeliers and vintage photos on the walls. I also spotted a band area so I assume they must have live music here sometimes too! 

It wasn't long before our starters arrived! 

First up were the vegetable samosas - a true classic and something I couldn't go home without trying! They were absolutely lovely, perfectly crispy on the outside and a delicious filling. 

We also ordered the Pau Bhaji, which ended up being my favourite thing that we had out of the entire meal. Honestly, if I went back I could have one of these as my main meal and I would be happy! It's described as a bowl of mashed vegetables (which doesn't sound amazing, but my god it's delicious), served with hot buttered buns. The combo is just to die for. 

For mains, Tom went for the Chicken Ruby - a classic chicken curry which looked lovely!

I went for the Chloe Puri which was essentially a chickpea curry (my favourite thing to order at an Indian restaurant) served my favourite puffy breads (puris). It was absolutely amazing! 

We also ordered a side of garlic naan (as always) and I can say that it was perfectly garlicky, just how I like it! 

We were unfortunately too full to try the desserts here - perhaps next time!

Overall, I would highly recommend Dishoom as somewhere to visit if you're around London. They have a few restaurants as well, so there may be one right nearby! I've also heard amazing things about the breakfast here, so I'm definitely going to return to try that! 

Have you ever been to Dishoom? x