The Hidden Castle, Benidorm

Our third day in Benidorm was another adventure altogether; a mountain jeep tour taking us far from the crowded beaches, night clubs and pools to a place that I didn't even know existed. 

Our ride was waiting for us after breakfast, and we all clambered into the back of the open jeep and set off, the wind in our hair. Our tour was led by Marco Polo Expeditions, if you would like to discover them for yourself.  

It wasn't long before we were off road, all holding on for dear life as the jeep rose and fell over the bumpy ground, getting higher and higher. 

As we came to a stop, we found ourselves presented with a beautiful view of the city, including the island in the distance. It was a pretty incredible sight. 

Top - River Island | Shorts - PINK (Similar here) | Sunglasses - River Island

After snapping a fair few photos we headed back to the jeep which set off again, taking us even higher into the mountains. 

The first town we drove through was a very quaint Spanish town called Polop which we didn't stop in, but were able to admire the beautiful scenery and old style buildings as we drove by. 

For Polop was not our final destination. That was to be found even higher in the mountains, as we headed up the rockiest road I've ever been on! 

We found ourselves in the hidden town of Guadalest, a place so beautiful that I actually couldn't believe I'd never heard of it before. Set back on the edge of the highest cliffside, overlooking a beautiful valley, Guadalest is one of the most magical places I've ever been. 

The place rises and falls out of nothing, with the castle ruins perched on the peaks. 

We were allowed some free time here to roam around, exploring the winding staircases and cobbled streets.

Bag - Oasis

It wasn't as busy as I expected it to be, considering how picturesque it was. I suppose it was because nobody really knew of its existence.

Of course, I couldn't miss an opportunity to take a photo of the visiting dogs! 

Now, I feel like I've gone long enough without discussing this top because oh my gosh, it's gorgeous. Those sleeves though! Not only is it super beautiful but it's also ridiculously comfortable. I feel like a butterfly every time I wear it. 

Down in the valley below was perhaps the bluest lake I'd ever seen, lying dormant and just calling out for us to head down and jump in. If only we had had the time! 

The whole town really did feel like something out of a fairy tale, and it was definitely one of my favourite places we visited during our trip. 

After our jeep tour, we made our way back to the hotel for a few hours rest, and I found myself (somehow!) chilling by the pool with the girls. The weather was absolutely scorching on this day and I am ashamed to say I did get a little sunburnt. Always wear extra suncream, kids! 

Our rest was much needed, as that evening we headed out for our final meal in Benidorm. It was at a restaurant called Solotula, which was located pretty near to our hotel. It was one of those places that you could easily miss, as it's nestled between all the very typically English bars and restaurants in that area. Don't be fooled, though, they serve some of the best Spanish food! 

We had a large tasting menu presented to us (all of which was delicious, spoilers!), starting with a false ravioli made with avocado. 

And of course we were given some of the crustiest bread ever to go alongside it, served up with none other than my favourite garlic aioli.

These were followed by the traditional ham and cheese croquettes...

As well as something called a 'Russian Salad', which was basically a deep fried salad, aka the only kind of salad I'd like from now on thank you.

We were also given a plate of mussels on ice...

And the most amazing patatas bravas ever, piled high in a bowl and I kid you not, I could have eaten the lot to myself. They were that good. 

We also had two sides of beef; carpaccio, served the traditional way...

And what I believe was beef fillet, but I can't quite remember off the top of my head. 

For dessert we were given pineapple carpaccio with vanilla ice cream. 

With our bellies full and feeling glorious after our final day in the sun, we headed up to the rooftop bar of the Hotel Madeira Centro, accessed via glass elevator, dontcha' know! 

Of course, I went for my signature drink, a Pina Colada, which I sipped whilst overlooking the illuminated Benidorm skyline. I could hardly believe that three days had gone so quickly and that I had been lucky enough to go on this adventure. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life, and I'd love to thank Ice Lolly and Visit Benidorm for choosing me to take part. I really am so grateful! 

I'd love to know if I've managed to change your expectations about Benidorm in the comments! I personally couldn't believe how many incredible things there were to see and do that so many people manage to miss out on. I'm so glad I got to do them, though, or I would have never visited Benidorm and never known the true beauty of it. 

Our trip to Benidorm was provided complimentary thanks to Ice Lolly and Visit Benidorm but all opinions are my own.