Water Babies, Benidorm

We awoke bright and early on our second day in Benidorm to a very exciting itinerary chock full of water based activities which only meant one thing; lots of time in the sea; something that I was really looking forward to. The waters of Benidorm were crystal clear and very inviting, especially in the 25 degree heat. 

Our first stop: the marina where we took a little boat out to the middle of the sea where a group of jet skis were waiting for us. Danielle and I shared a jet ski, and we hopped aboard. I drove first, and I was very excited to cut up the waves like a bond girl! 

This trip has definitely motivated me to save for a waterproof camera, because I was definitely jealous of all the girls who had Go-Pros! 

I'd been jet skiing before but never driven and I have to say it was ridiculously fun! We spent about half an hour riding the waves, reaching speeds of up to 50mph. We sped all the way over to the Island of Benidorm, where we got a sneak preview of where we would be snorkelling later in the day, before driving back to shore with sea salty hair and smiles on our faces. 

After a quick break, it was time to head back to the Island for a spot of snorkelling. I got geared up in my very stylish wet suit (which was actually a child's size because they didn't have an adult one small enough!) and set out for sea. 

We paddled around by the cliffside in the beautiful water. I found it surprisingly easy to stay afloat, even without a life jacket and I managed to see lots of gorgeous fish.

I also took the opportunity to show of my new swimsuit, that I am currently obsessed with. It's super flattering and I've wanted a white one for so long now. Of course, it's from River Island, where I bought basically my entire holiday shop. They are absolutely killing it at the moment! 

 Swimsuit - River Island

We had certainly worked up an appetite for lunch after all the water sports, so we settled into a multiple course meal at Son De Mar; located right on the seafront by the Old Town. 

The food at this restaurant was absolutely beautifully presented and I could not fault it for presentation, but some of the food was a bit too out there for my tastes. Sometimes I'm just up for a pizza! But, if you're in Benidorm and are into trying unique foods then this place is definitely the one for you!

My favourite course had be the duck breast, served with mashed potato, mashed carrot and crispy potato pieces (which I could honestly have eaten a whole bowl of). It was super delicious and I could have just done with this one course to be honest! 

For dessert we had a white chocolate brownie which was absolutely incredible! White chocolate anything and I'll be there!

After a couple of hours chilling by the pool, we headed back out on our adventure, taking a drive up to the Cross of Benidorm, where we were greeted with a stunning sunset and beautiful views. 

Of course, it was the perfect opportunity to take a few selfies! 

I have to say, I couldn't get over how lovely all the girls were on this trip. I was a little apprehensive before going away that we might not get on or the girls might not like me, but I needn't have worried at all. All four of them were super lovely and totally put up with me stopping for outfit pics all the time. 

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate this bag? It may look gold here, but it's actually reversible, so it can be white whenever I want! This threw me a little bit in the shop when I spent a good 10 minutes trying to decide between the white and the gold version before realising that they were the same bag. Doh!

Bag - Oasis

I think the one thing I might love most about Benidorm is that deep, hidden in the Old Town, is a street that is entirely dedicated to tapas. Um, yes please?! You can literally hop from one spot to the next, tasting all of what the locals have to offer. So, we went on a little tapas tour, trying some seriously amazing treats.

First up was deep fried aubergine with honey sauce. 

Ham and cheese croquettes (a classic!). 

Of course, none of this would go down as well without a jug of sangria!

My favourite of the lot had to be the patatas bravas; deep fried potatoes covered in spicy tomato sauce. My idea of heaven in a bowl. 

The girls also ordered up some extra bits which also looked seriously good. 

I, on the other hand, waited patiently for our desserts to arrive, and we were not disappointed. A hot fudge chocolate pudding, served with a whole load of whipped cream and ice cream! 

And a seriously yummy cheesecake. It didn't take long for the plate to be totally cleared, obviously. 

We pretty much had to roll back to the hotel that evening, but boy did I sleep well! 

Our trip to Benidorm was complimentary thanks to Ice Lolly and Visit Benidorm, but all opinions are my own.