Red Roses by Jo Malone

If you follow me on Instagram and regularly watch my stories the you might remember the time I had a major freakout over a certain delivery that was dropped at my door. In a series of events I began to scream at a cardboard box while a vast number of people watched and were probably thinking, "What the hell is this girl on?"

Actually, inside the box was a gift from my all time favourite beauty brand, Jo Malone (hence the screaming). I actually couldn't believe it when I saw that not only was it gifted in the most beautiful denim box ever, but within lay their Red Roses Cologne*, one of my favourite scents from them. Honestly, if I could wear Jo Malone fragrances every day for the rest of my life I definitely would. 

Much like their other colognes, this one smells absolutely incredible. One thing I love about the fragrances is how expensive they smell, and their floral notes really do smell like real flowers rather than the sweet or artificial scents you can get. After spraying this on myself, I really do smell like a bouquet of roses for the whole day, and I am totally cool with that. 

Let me know if you've tried any Jo Malone products before, and what your favourite scent is! x