Moonrise Kingdom

Top - H&M | Jeans - C/O New Look | Boots - Ugg

So, here's the story behind this top.

I was out shopping with friends in H&M when I heard my best friend Olivia pipe, "Oh my god. This is so Wes." I turn around to come face to face with Olivia holding up this top and immediately we both fell in love. If you don't know which Wes I'm referring to, I am of course referencing the almighty Wes Anderson; director of such quirky classics like The Grand Budapest Hotel, Rushmore and Moonrise Kingdom. If you haven't had a chance to catch any of his films yet, I seriously recommend them. 

Anyway, we both decided to try the top on and we both, obviously loved it. So we both bought it. Identical tops, identical colours. I'm now actually hoping we end up wearing it on the same day. 

I took these photos on one of my favourite beaches in England, down by Whitstable. I remember seeing this little lifeguard's hut a few years back and, again, thinking it looked so Wes. Naturally, I decided to rock my best 'mildly-annoyed' face & pretended to star in a motion picture. I have always said Wes Anderson would be the director of my life movie.