Rainy Days

Jumper - C/O Sugarhill Boutique | Blouse - C/O Sugarhill Boutique | Kilt - Jack Wills | Beret - C/O Fat Face (Similar here) | Shoes - Hush Puppies | Bag - Cambridge Satchel Co. | Umbrella - Radley

I think this may be the most non-weather-weather appropriate outfit I've ever worn, considering it's been raining pretty much all week here in the U.K. Don't get me wrong, this jumper is pretty much the cosiest and cutest thing in my Spring wardrobe, but with the rain getting heavier and heavier, I'm in much need of my umbrella (the little dogs on this Radley one actually change colour when it rains!).

But there really was a rainy theme going on with this outfit. Along with the most adorable slogan, the blouse underneath is dotted with tiny umbrellas which give me all the Mary Poppins vibes! 

I've really learned to love the rain recently, allowing my 'Happy When It Rains' quote to actually be true! I find that I'm most productive with work when there's a storm brewing outside, when the rain is hammering against the window pane and I'm curled up in something comfy with a hot drink and some buttered toast with jam. 

Also I'm trying out a new layout for my blog posts; text in the middle! I've seen a fair few fashion bloggers lay out their outfit posts like this so I thought I'd give it a go. I think I prefer being able to read everything in one go rather than hunting for the text between photos, so let me know if you like it! x