Introducing: Beauty Pie

A couple of weeks back, a lovely little parcel surprised me at my door. It was from a company called Beauty Pie, who I'd never heard of, but was intrigued to try out. The sleek packaging and pale pink branding immediately caught my eye, especially as we all know that I'm a sucker for pink and was excited to try out the products. 

After flicking through their catalogue, I discovered that Beauty Pie is in fact a revolutionary new subscription box (essentially), where you pay £10 a month and then are able to buy products at their "factory costs", i.e. a lipstick for £2.16 rather than £20. Sounds good right? What they're saying is you basically get a luxury product for a lot less money. 

I took the products for a spin, with the exception of the foundation as I don't wear it, and found that they are all very lovely to use. My favourites of the bunch that I was sent are probably the lipstick which comes in a gorgeous brown-pink nude and the powder which is totally translucent. My overall impression was that it's all very decent makeup, but despite the sleek packaging there isn't much in the way of making it feel like a luxury product. When you work it out, if you subscribed to the programme you would end up paying far more than £2.16 a lippie unless you bought five of them. Even then, would it be worth it? 

I think the concept it very cool and unique but for me personally, I know I wouldn't use it. I'm just not as obsessed with beauty as I think you need to be to get the most out of the programme, and the fact that you are limited to one brand is an issue, especially if you don't adore the products. I think maybe it's a great idea for budding MUA's who are building up a kit, but for the everyday gal, I'd rather save the £10 a month and put it towards a Charlotte Tilbury product that I LOVE.

I really do like the products, but wouldn't sign up for the subscription and definitely wouldn't buy them at non-member costs when I could get a product from a luxury brand I adore for the same price. 

Let me know what you think in the comments! Would you be tempted to sign up to get the deal? Or are you with me and just think you wouldn't utilise it to the max? Would love to hear your thoughts!