Fields of Purple

There are few things more peaceful than the scent of lavender, so as you can imagine a whole field of the stuff is pretty much the most glorious spot ever. Not to mention, it's pretty photogenic too! In my opinion, there needs to be far more fields of colourful flowers around. 

You may remember last year I did an outfit post in a lavender field and it ended in a bit of a nightmare when the owner of the farm angrily threw us out and accused us of being liars (see said post here). Well, luckily the lovely people at Mayfield Lavender are much more forgiving and are completely happy for you to take snaps in their beautiful fields, so I would 100% recommend visiting them! 

The fields are an absolute hive for bees (they don't sting, don't worry!) and it's wonderful to see so many of them when they're so rare nowadays! 

This stunning dress from Chi Chi London aka one of my favourite dress brands of all time is just all of the awesome. It's the most beautiful shade of strawberry pink and adorned in slightly darker, floral lace. I love the fact that it's simple enough to be able to wear as a day dress but you can still add a pair of heels and turn it into the perfect dress for a special occasion. 

Dress - C/O Chi Chi London | Sunglasses - Primark

Also, there may or may not be a handy layer of tulle under there...ok there definitely is, and it makes me very happy. There are five layers of petticoats and material which gives the dress that effortlessly full skirt.

Check out this cheeky photobombing bee!

The day we visited turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year, reaching highs of about 30 degrees! It certainly was British summertime at its finest and although we don't see days like this often, it was wonderful to get a proper glimpse of it before the warmth says goodbye to us.