5 Ways I'm Starting Anew After A Big Change

Last week I had a big change. It's one that I was expecting for a while, but even when it hit me it was still kind of hard to process. There's an emptiness that goes alongside change, a sort of realisation that everything you had is now gone and you have to somehow deal with it.

Don't get me wrong, change is good. In my scenario it was 100% for the best but I guess when something has been a part of your life for so long it feels strange to have it suddenly taken away. For a long time I was convinced that my life was mapped out to follow a certain path, when really I had strayed further from the road than I had ever thought.

And so, I decided to start anew.

I've been the same person for practically my entire life and, if I'm honest, I don't always like her. Some things I like, but sometimes I look at this person I've become and wondered what else I could be.

There's a film I love called The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (if you haven't seen it then I highly recommend you do) where a man spends his whole life living the same, monotonous routine despite having dreamed of adventures when he was younger. He lives his adventures through daydreams where he imagines amazing scenarios rather than actually living them. Throughout the last few years, I've kind of become Walter Mitty. Not anymore.

Here are a couple of ways that I'm starting anew after a huge change in my life.

1. Dying my hair

Believe it or not, I've never dyed my hair. It's 100% natural and to be honest, I've been a bit bored of it for a while. I've never been brave enough to book the appointment until recently and I'm officially dying it. Nothing drastic like pink or anything (although if I get addicted it may end up like that!) but just some highlights so I feel a little different.

2. Having a clear out

I absolutely love having a clear out. It gives me such a rush to throw away old junk I haven't used or worn and to be left with a closet full of things I love. I've done the biggest clear out ever recently, selling about 50% of my clothes (you can find them on Depop here, if you're interested). I've decided to only keep pieces that I absolutely love, so I'm forced to wear lovely outfits on a regular basis. Falling into the trap of wearing Primark leggings and pyjama jumpers had become part of my daily routine. 

3. Travelling

There are so many places I want to see and explore and before I felt almost held back from going on my adventure. I have decided to take more spontaneous trips, whether they be around the UK or around the world. Next week I decided to book a random trip to Manchester...why not?! I've always wanted to go and I couldn't be more excited.

4. A Social Life

This one is probably the hardest for me. You may have read my blog post where I spoke about not drinking and hating clubs. While for some people being at uni is a chance to go out more than ever before, for me it was a time when I basically became a recluse. The idea of leaving my house to go anywhere turned my stomach. I've become incredibly lonely. So I'm going to start making the effort and pushing myself to meet up with people more.

5. Love Myself

This one's a toughie. You may have seen my recent video on self-esteem where I spoke about the difficulty I've faced with growing to accept compliments or understand that my achievements are meaningful. The big change has helped me, but I've still got a long way to go. My ultimate goal in life would be to feel 100% satisfied with the person I am and I know one day I can get there.

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." - Winston Churchill.