Fields of Gold

Sunshine, daisy, butter, mellow...

Moving to the countryside definitely has it's perks! One being the gloriously lush fields lurking just walking distance from my house, especially when they're in full, luminous bloom.

I took a stroll down there when the sun decided to peek out through the clouds and it was just warm enough to rock bare legs. 

Of course, if you're going to dive head first into a field of rapeseed you've got to be wearing an outfit that doesn't clash with yellow...but you can never go wrong with a little white number in my opinion. 

I mixed up a combo of this gorgeous lace skirt from Jack Wills and this adorable Fat Face cami. Both floaty, lacy and glorious in the sunshine. Also easily stained by yellow pollen (you have been warned!). 

The cami itself is from a little campaign I've been working on with Fat Face recently, but you'll definitely be hearing about that soon! Their clothes have always been some of my favourites, especially for summer adventures and strolls along breezy pathways. 

Skirt - Jack Wills || Cami - C/O Fat Face

Ring - Pandora || Bangle - Posh Totty Designs

My ring has popped up a couple of times in my posts, as I pretty much never take it off, but my bangle is a newer, really special piece of mine! It's from my old workplace, Posh Totty Designs, and matches my 'Adventure is Out There' message necklace you may have seen. If you didn't know, Posh Totty specialise in personalised jewellery. Quotes are just my favourite thing and I suppose I see getting something placed on jewellery is my equivalent of a tattoo in a way. So on the bangle I had 'Though she be but little, she is fierce", from A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare. It's one of my favourite plays and also one of my favourite quotes. 

But seriously, can we please talk about how beautiful these fields are? It really is the little things in life that are the most special and seeing nature at its finest really does bring out the magic in the world. 

I've been praying recently that the weather will brighten up a bit more often, as it seems that the clouds are invading wherever possible! 

On the brighter side, next week will be extremely exciting for new adventures, so I hope I can take you along for the ride <3