The Summer Explorer's Wishlist

Sunglasses | Hat | Phone Case | Camera | Lip Balm | Bag | Sunscreen | Shoes

It's no secret that summer is my favourite season of them all! Being able to head outside more often (although not as often as I'd like due to the British weather) just fills me with joy, and being able to go on more little adventures is something I love to do once the warmer weather rolls around. So I've comprised a little wishlist for the summer explorer in all of us, which has turned out to be surprisingly pink! I clearly can't help my love of all things blush! 

Obviously, as a blogger I lean more towards techy things on my wishlists, simply so I can get the best snaps possible! I've been lusting after a Fuji Instax Mini 8 for so long now and the pink one is totally my favourite. I just love polaroids, not only because you get a photo immediately, but also because of that strange hazy effect they have when they print. It's something you'd never get with your normal DSLR! I've also wanted a special phone case for my adventures for ages, and this one locks your phone into an airtight case so it's even waterproof for up to 3m! So if you're going anywhere ocean related, this is perfect!

On the beauty side of things, it's all about that protection! Sunscreen is a must if it's hot out, even if it doesn't look like its sunny! The Hawaiian Tropic lotion is one of my favourites because it not only works wonders but smells amazing. In the same realm, the L'Occitane lip balms are fantastic. The 'Rose Plum' shade is my favourite as it's so pigmented you'd never doubt it for an ordinary lipstick, while still providing the same SPF protection & moisturising properties of a lip balm.

Of course, you can't go on adventure without the right gear! A good pair of sunnies and a fedora for keeping that sun off your sensitive spots, as well as a good old fashioned pair of Timberlands for walking (also pink, this is optional). Plus, a great satchel for carrying all your bits and bobs is essential. Who says you can't look fashionable on an adventure?

Let me know in the comments if you're as big a fan of summer as I am, and if you have any essentials that you carry with you on your everyday adventures.

This post is kindly sponsored by Tech21 but all opinions and love of adventures are my own.