The Dream Bedroom - A Tour

Despite missing Brighton, one of the best things about moving house has to be the fact that I have an entire place to redecorate. Having previously been living in rented accommodation, it meant that I really wasn't able to decorate exactly how I wanted it. But now I have very much been able to create the house of my dreams!

So I thought I'd give you a little tour of my bedroom to start! Hopefully I'll be able to work my way around the entire house so you get a little glimpse of every room and the details I've added. 

I knew for ages that I wanted to go for more of a pastel theme in the bedroom, alongside bright whites and hints of black. I wanted this bed from Ikea for so long, particularly because it's perfect for fairy lights! I bought mine at Posh Totty Designs and the colour combination is just gorgeous. Meanwhile the bedding is a combination of sheets I bought while I was in Dubai from Home Centre (they do some of the best stuff for so cheap!) and this beautiful lace set from Marks and Spencer. I love my big square pillows as well, they give so much dimension to the bed. 

As a big fan of the mirror selfie, I also knew that I wanted a beautiful ornate mirror (not just for selfies, promise!). I scoured the internet for a while and I found this exact mirror in a dozen different places with the same images! I assume they're all bought from the same original stockists and the cheapest one I could find was on Amazon. It's fantastic quality, especially since I didn't have to pay over the odds for it!

I went for simple nets on the window to give a dreamy feel and to keep as much light coming into the room as possible. As I live in an old cottage the windows are extremely small, so maximising light is one of my goals! 

In terms of decor, I tried to keep it as simple and clean as possible, with touches of pink wherever possible. My gorgeous print below is by Ella Masters and I absolutely adore it! It was a steal in her sale as well and I couldn't recommend her artwork enough. 

I have to say though, my favourite part of the room has to be my dressing table. I ummed and ahhed about this table for ages until I finally bit the bullet and got it. I'm so happy I went for it as it just looks perfect. You're probably noticing a bit of an Ikea trend here but I just love their stuff! 

One of my favourite things about Ikea furniture is that it's so easy to customise. Originally the knobs on the two drawers were just plain black, but I found these little gems in Anthropologie. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them, I mean, come on, they're BUNNIES. They remind me so much of Alice in Wonderland as well which is always a bonus. 

I also have one section of the room that isn't quite complete yet on top of my dresser, but as soon as it's complete you'll definitely be the first ones to know! 

I'm absolutely in love with my princess bedroom and I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!