A Scent for Spring with Chloé

Something I love about getting a new fragrance is the idea that the new scent could represent a brand new me, a new chapter of my life. I've been on the search for years now for the one perfume, my signature scent, but to be honest I love relating scents to experiences. 

The newest addition to the timeless Chloe fragrance family is the beautiful Love Story Eau De Parfum*; a lovely light, floral fragrance that is perfect for everyday. It combines the notes of orange blossom with stephanotis jasmine, which is the flower of happiness, don'tcha know! 

I've been wearing this out and about for a couple of days and I'm happy to say I can smell it on myself even at the end of the day. Florals are my favourites when it comes to scents so it's lovely to wear a fragrance that I truly love! 

Of course, no words are needed to describe how beautiful the packaging is. The stunning gold and ridged bottle give such a classy look and it's a bottle I wouldn't mind out on show all of the time. I also adore that the bottle was modelled after the love locks that used to be the Pont Des Arts Bridge in Paris. Sadly, those declarations of love have all been removed now, but this bottle captures the romance and dreamy nature of Paris perfectly. 

An absolutely gorgeous addition to my dressing table! You can catch it on the shelves at Debenhams, or online here