Butterfly Biscuits

If there's anything I love more than regular looking food, it's beautiful food, and the one company I can always rely on to produce food that is quite literally art is Biscuiteers. I've been stalking them on social media for quite a while now and I was absolutely over the moon when they offered to send me one of their Mother's Day gifts to review! After having a browse of their website I absolutely fell in love with their Butterfly Biscuit tin* containing nine, beautifully iced biscuits. 

They arrived in perfect condition (not a loose crumb in sight!) in the most gorgeous butterfly tin I've ever seen. I know I'll definitely find use for it because it's just far to pretty to recycle. 

Sometimes when something looks pretty it can be a bit lacklustre when it comes to taste, but I can assure you that these biscuits were insanely good! Some went to my mama (the self-proclaimed connoisseur of biscuits) and she absolutely loved them. These ones were based on a vanilla biscuit but they also do a range of gluten free and chocolate ones as well. 

Biscuiteers really do make the perfect Mother's Day gifts and I definitely recommend you check them out! They also do personalised gifts if you fancy something a bit more personal and they just generally do fantastic biscuits for any occasion! I'm ranting a bit now but I honestly love this brand so much. Their only flaw might be that they're just a bit too beautiful to eat! Nonetheless all of these butterflies might have flown away somewhere now...I can't seem to find them anywhere! :P