Fitness First, Brighton + Giveaway!

A couple weeks ago, the lovely people at Talented Talkers invited me down to the Fitness First gym in Brighton for a little drop in session! I've been getting back into the gym a lot more this year after a little bit of Christmas weight idea where that could have come from!

I'd never visited the Fitness First gym before and was surprised to find it was located right next to the station! As soon as I arrived I was given a full tour of the facilities and I have to say it looked pretty amazing. 

We had the option of choosing a class to take part in and while I was originally going to be doing spinning it turned out I couldn't get there in time (although I was quite thankful for this by the end!).

After getting changed into my gym gear, it was time for my personal training session with Kai. He was absolutely fantastic and really motivated me to work harder. He also made sure to ask me lots of questions about my health and what my problem areas were, so we decided on going for a leg based workout. 

Oh. My. God.

I definitely had some sore legs by the end of the session and when I woke up the next day it was even worse! In a good way, obviously. I always find it so much better when I hurt after a gym session because it feels like it's working! 

Yoga Pants - Primark || Sports Bra - Primark || T-Shirt - Victoria's Secret

Fitness First also kindly gifted me three cards that allow you to have three free visits! As I won't be in Brighton for much longer, I thought I'd give them away on the blog here for any budding gym bunnies who may want to check it out! 

Just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below. Obviously this is a UK only giveaway as the gyms are UK based. T&Cs are here and they should be available for use in any Fitness First gym, however use is dictated by the individual gym depending on availability, so please check with your chosen gym in advance if you are a winner! Good luck <3 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let me know if you've ever visited a Fitness First gym, or if you're a gym bunny like me! I've felt so much better since I've been doing regular exercise because, let's be honest, I'm not the healthiest person in the world when it comes to food. Chocolate and cake are life.