When You Wishlist #3 - Autumn/Winter

Top Row

Monsoon Quartz Dress - This dress though. Anything that's head to toe sparkles and makes me look like a mermaid princess is 100% on my must have list. How perfect is it?! 

Dog Treat Jar - The first doggy item on my list is this adorable treat jar from Next! Now that I have little Oscar in my life, doggy items have started to sneak their way onto my wishlists. You know I love him when I'd rather buy Oscar things than myself! But seriously this is perfect for holding all his treats and it would look lovely on the kitchen counter. 

Velvet Dress - Another gorgeous dress is this Oasis number. Winter is the perfect time for velvet and I absolutely adore the vintage feel of this high necked piece. It's pretty much just gorgeous for every day and parties as well!

Middle Row

2016 Planner - Oh. My. God. This planner is perfect. Not only is it designed by one of my favourite brands, Rifle Paper Co, but it also is just plain beautiful. I need this planner in my life. NOW. GIVE IT TO ME.

Olympus Pen - Ahh, yes. The Olympus Pen aka the Blogger Camera. To be fair, although it's one of the most cliche blogger purchases of all time, there's no denying it is beautiful and the fact that it can connect to your phone means my Instagram would be on point all the time. #Goals

Peas in a Pod Decoration - If you read my post last year about my Christmas tree, you'll know that I make a habit of collecting Disney themed ornaments. Every year the Disney Store release the most gorgeous collection of ornaments and one of my favourites this year has to be the peas in a pod! They are absolutely adorable and the outside pea-pod is velvet! 

Bottom Row

Dog Blanket - YAY more doggy things! This cute blanket is also from Next's Christmas pet collection (seriously they are killing it this year with adorable pet things) and it has 'Dog Tired' written on it! How flipping cute!

Copper Fox Ornaments - Ahh yes, because Jordan can't go at least one post without something copper popping up. This time, copper takes its form in two little foxes! I absolutely love these and I think they would make a lovely addition to an Autumnal room.

Cupcake Clutch - Let them me eat cake! Recently, Kate Spade collaborated with Magnolia Bakery to bring out an adorable line of sweet as sugar products! My favourite of the bunch has to be this clutch bag that's just the cutest thing I've ever seen! Also if you haven't been to Magnolia Bakery before I highly recommend it. 

This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own.