These Boots Were Made For Walking

Everyone, I think I may have found them. The boots. You know, the ones that you can see yourself wearing to death until the heels have to be replaced? These are those boots. 

Be prepared everyone, I'm about to rant and rave to the point where it may drive you crazy, because, well, I'm obsessed. The absolutely lovely people at Jake Shoes (who I could kiss!) shipped these Ugg ankle boots to my door and I cannot describe how overwhelmingly grateful I am! 

Jumper - Second hand (similar here) || Jeans - Lipsy

To match the chilly Brighton weather, I matched them up with some classic blue jeans and this gorgeous cropped roll neck jumper which I bought a few months ago from The Bloggers Market - a day which happened to be the hottest day of the year, but my foresight has been rewarded as it's the cosiest, comfiest thing I own. It also used to belong to Carrie from Wish Wish Wish which is pretty amazing! 

Back to the boots...not only are they simply stunning, but they have sheepskin lined toes for added cosiness in the chillier months. You can also wear them with the ankles rolled up (like I have) or down, so they are pretty versatile! They're also amazingly comfortable, I wouldn't expect anything less from Ugg, so really are made for walking. Jake Shoes specialise in a whole range of designer shoes, including other Uggs and these same ones in black, so definitely give them a click and browse! 

Ugg Boots - C/O Jake Shoes

Something I've noticed about my outfit photos is the severe lack of bags recently! If you're wondering, it's because I own a grand total of one handbag (my famous Michael Kors that you can find in a variety of my other posts), so I feel a bit silly just parading around with the exact same bag all the time! I know, what kind of fashion blogger am I?!