Strapless Stripes

I don't know about anyone else, but I've always had a hatred of the idea of strapless bras. The fact that there's usually no support, they're super uncomfortable and you spend half the day walking around in public performing an action that looks like you're trying to stop your entire chest from sliding off like melted ice cream. 

But when Wonderbra saw my comments about evils of strapless bras, they offered to send me one of their Ultimate Strapless Bras to change my mind. I went for just the plain nude version, which certainly isn't the prettiest of underwear but I knew that if I wanted something stapless it would be better for it to be able to go under anything. 

Bra - C/O Wonderbra

I of course took it for a day long spin out and about in Brighton, alongside one of my favourite striped off the shoulder tops. And, I have to say, the whole experience was a breath of fresh air! I didn't have any problems with the bra whatsoever. It was super comfortable, just as comfortable as wearing a regular bra is, and not once did I have to stop in the street to pull it back up. It also looked perfect and natural underneath my top; no lumps and bumps to be seen. 

Top - Miss Selfridge (Similar here) || White Jeans - Miss Selfridge

So, thank you Wonderbra! You have opened up a whole new world of strapless happiness to me and I can definitely imagine that because of this I will be far more tempted to wear different tops and dresses! You can find Wonderbra on their website here or at most department stores in the UK!