Rose Gold Walking

If you're not aware of my rose gold obsession, all I can really say is 'Where have you been?!' With rose gold and copper metallics being the most 'on-trend' colour of all time at the moment (especially in the blogging community), it does feel a little cliche every time I mention it, but I can't deny my love for the rose gold is stronger than ever. 

So, you can imagine my excitement when Superga invited me down to their Brighton shop to have a gander at their new collection, which may or may not have included a pair of rose gold shoes. *Cue heavy breathing*

If you can believe, it the Superga company is over 100 years old! What?! When the man in the shop told me I could hardly believe it. After closing during the war they reopened in Italy and made it their mission to bring high quality shoes to the people. And, of course, they're still doing it today with a bit more of a modern style!

Their Brighton store is super clean, slick and cool, complete with red Vespa for true Italian style.

There were shoes of every kind, including fleece lined ones which were highly tempting, but ultimately there were two pairs that caught my eye; the rose gold (obviously) and the sparkling silver ones. 

After spending far too long trying to decide on which pair to get (and consulting basically every single friend I have on my text messages), I stuck to my original guns and went for the rose gold. A girl's gotta stay true to her rose gold heart. 

I absolutely could not wait to take them out for a spin, so I whipped up a quick outfit to show you them out and about. 

Because the shoes are so unique, I felt like it would be a bit too much to pair them with any colourful prints or dresses, so I went classic and old school with the ripped skinny jeans/white t-shirt combo. I do believe that sometimes you can never go wrong with this combination. It works on everyone and looks effortlessly chic. 

Not to mention my gorgeous new trainers were able to shine! 

Shoes - C/O Superga

It only felt right to pair them with some more rose gold accents, so I went with my favourite arrow ring and the necklace to match. 

Arrow ring - C/O Jewellery Box

T-Shirt - Uniqlo || Jeans - C/O Lily Lulu Fashion

I think it's plain to see I pretty much adore my new shoes! Not only are they rose gold, metallic and just generally beautiful, but they're super comfy, meaning they can be my staple footwear for dress-down-days all year round. But they do look pretty good in Autumn leaves.