Jewellery Box Trinkets

Ever since discovering their gorgeous pieces at the Bloggers Festival, I have pretty much fallen head over heels for! Their huge variety of affordable and delicate pieces are simply gorgeous for any occasion and I have to say as a bit of a magpie I'm quite the jewellery hoarder. I've found a new love for layering as well, especially in different colours! So, when the lovely Gemma from got in touch & offered to send me some bits & pieces I couldn't say no. 

The first set I chose were the beautiful Knot Stud Earrings*, finished with 9ct yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. They are absolutely perfect for days when I can't decide on just one colour to wear. They are also a lovely, understated size which are just large enough to make an impression. I've taken to wearing them as my work earrings as I now work in a jewellery shop in Brighton where we do silver, gold and rose gold pieces. Just blending into my surroundings, obviously! 

Although the second set are pretty much perfect for all year, I really did have Christmas in the back of my mind when choosing them! They are gorgeous yellow gold Bow Studs*, and they are pretty much adorable. They are incredibly cute and will look wonderful with so many different outfits, especially approaching the more festive season. 

I also have a thing for their amazing packaging. I mean, mini pegs? I don't think it can get more cute! Every box comes tied with a pretty striped ribbon and a label as well, so they all make perfect gifts.  

Let me know what you think of my choices and if you've got your eye on anything on the website!