Flowers for Fall

When you think of flowers, what instantly pops into your mind? Summer? Spring? Well, I know in my case it certainly wasn't Autumn; the season of trees and red leaves. But, Blossoming Gifts who offer flower delivery sent me one of their gorgeous Autumn themed bouquets and my mind has most certainly been changed.

The bouquet above is called 'Autumn Sunset' and it really does capture the beauty of the sun going down during the colder months. With it's beautiful cerise germini, pink avalanche roses and orange lilies, it really is beautiful for adding a bit of colour to the house. 

The flowers arrived promptly on my chosen date via Royal Mail in a secure box with water and free chocolates (who doesn't love free chocolates?!). The only thing I have to say is that the roses were slightly wilted already when they arrived, meaning they died shortly after taking these photos. Roses are notorious for being the fastest to wilt, but it's still a shame that they were in that condition on arrival. 

Not sure why I'm including the picture above. Clearly the flowers told me a very funny joke.

Blossoming Gifts have kindly offered me 33% for you lovely readers at home, just use the code 'BGIFTS33' at checkout to get your discount, although please bear in mind this does not include their flowers by post range.

Let me know what you think of the flowers in the comments and if you're a fan of having a bouquet around in Autumn!