The Meat Up

A couple of weeks ago (when the sun was still shining...kind of) I was kindly invited by Asda and Talented Talkers to celebrate National Burger Day at a Brighton Bloggers Meat Up...see what they did there?

We arrived at Brighton station ready to be mysteriously taken on a bus to an unknown location. It had rained earlier in the day and was still a bit chilly, so we wrapped up and all boarded the bus, seriously ready for some food. I had refrained from eating all day so I my stomach was well and truly ready for all the treats that we had in store. 

We arrived at a gorgeous house in Woodingdean where the garden was fully prepped with two chefs, a huge BBQ and a whole lot of food. Including three gorgeous bowls of salad.

Inside there was a bar, fully stocked with drinks for everyone. 

The glasses of Pimm's definitely made the whole event feel much more summery than the weather wanted it to be. 

There was even a live band, something I thought was a truly fantastic touch. They were brilliant as well and made the atmosphere cosy and relaxed. 

We all waited anxiously around the food until the chefs said we were free to attack make our choices. I have to say the menu was pretty fantastic and I making a decision about what to have was seriously difficult. You all know what I'm like with my burgers and my fish. I just want it all. 

I ended up trying both the sea bass and the salmon as the chefs kindly saw that I'm insane and hungry and let me have one of each and they were fantastic. The flavours were brilliant and I paired it up with some yummy potato salad. 

They even catered for the vegetarians and coeliacs, with mushroom and mozzarella burgers as well as avocado and halloumi options. They both looked fantastic and I have to say I was envying the veggies by the end of the night! 

The real star of the show was 100% the huge bowl of Eton Mess that was presented to me. What? You thought this was for everyone? That's a Jordan-sized portion of dessert right there! 

Overall the event was fantastic and I really enjoyed catching up with some lovely Brighton bloggers while I was at it. Big thank you to everyone who organised the event. Blogger events in Brighton have to be some of my favourites. London can be a bit exhausting sometimes so having something fabulous right on your doorstep is super special. 

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