The Bloggers Market

A few weeks back I managed to snag a cheeky Saturday off work to attend the renowned Bloggers Market! Hosted by five gorgeous bloggers (with extremely covetable wardrobes), we were given the opportunity to raid their closets for bargain prices! The event took place at the Hoxton Hotel, one of the trendiest and most instagrammable hotels ever. 

We arrived slightly late after I managed to get completely lost around Holborn and proceed to breakdown in a park (yeah, for reals. Apologies to my friends who were searching for me and had me panicking on the end of the phone), so as we walked in they opened the store. 


Never has there been a greater choice than the one between doughnuts and clothes

For the record, we chose clothes.

The rails were immediately raided by bloggers so there was quite a bit of "Oops, sorry!" and "Excuse me" in an attempt to view the clothes!

I was so happy to finally get to meet some lovely bloggers as well, Jaye, Natasha, Khrissie and my bestie from Brighton, Allie. Thanks for putting up with my crazy for the day guys!

After an initial browse and a couple of purchases, we headed into the back room for some fun activities.

The gorgeous Emma Block was there doing 5 minute sketches, which were absolutely fantastic!

She is so incredibly talented and I am in love with the sketch she drew of me! I could hardly believe she drew it so quickly as well. I'm now in the process of looking for a frame for it. 

There was also a stand from the wonderful girls at Benefit Cosmetics who were doing makeup.

And there was an appearance from the incredible Joel who was braiding all of our lovely hair.

I'm not even kidding when I say that this dude has INSANE hair skills.

In about ten minutes he had taken my hair and created one of the most intricate braids I've ever seen. I came out feeling like I'd been on the set of Game of Thrones. 

What do you think? Pretty amazing right?! 

With our hair braided, our pictures painted and our hauls completed, we spent the rest of the time meandering about and chilling. 

Cue super stalker picture of Carrie and Miguel. 

For some reason I only saw that backpack in these photos when I got home and I literally have zero idea why I didn't buy it. It's gorgeous! I'm very jealous of whoever snagged it.

I also managed to run into the lovely Ellie (and her giant camera) who you probably recognise from her amazing blog The Elle Next Door.

It was really such an amazing event and I was so pleased I got to go along. I managed to snag some amazing bargains for Winter which you will definitely see popping up in some outfit posts soon! It was amazing to get to chat to two of my biggest inspirations in blogging as well, Carrie and Olivia, who's blogs I have stalked admired for a while now. They were both incredibly lovely to chat to and get some tips from! A big thank you to them, Dunya, Lucy and Kristabel who managed to create such a wonderful experience! 

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