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When it comes to interviews, I'm not one with tons of experience. I got my first job by walking into a restaurant and asking (four times, until they gave me the job) and then my subsequent jobs have been based on experience. But after being in waitressing/catering for over five years now, I have really felt like a change, meaning that interviews are now a very real and unavoidable situation. BUT, there is always a silver lining, which in my case, is dressing for interviews.

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Obviously, whatever interview you go for you want to be smart and presentable, but I also think it's great to show some of your personality in your clothes. That's what I based this outfit on when I was thinking about it. I wanted to go for something that is office orientated but with a touch of Jordan to it! Could you tell when you saw the outfit was pink and I had a bow in my hair? 

I've had this skirt for a while now and I bought it when my love for pencil skirts developed. It's absolutely gorgeous with a subtle striped pattern, gold zip and slit down the back, so it's perfect for a professional environment. 

Job interview styling

Before thinking about dressing for an interview, it's quite important to have one in the first place! This is something I've been struggling with, finding out how difficult it is to even get an interview to work in a shop. But you can find jobs online with City Calling, a fantastic website that matches jobs to your personality and skill types! 

armani exchange shirt

Shirt - Armani Exchange || Skirt - Miss Selfridge (similar here) || Bag - Primark

miss selfridge pencil skirt

Shoes - New Look (similar here) || Necklace - C/O Jewellery Box

I chose to wear wedges as I personally am a lot more confident and comfortable in heels, however if you're not one for them then flats work just as well! 

I also wore my new favourite necklace; a beautiful rose gold arrow that was gifted to me at the Bloggers Festival last week. I actually haven't taken it off since receiving it and I thought it was perfect for a job interview outfit since arrows are meant to point you in the right direction. 

primark white bag

I'm really happy to say that I actually have a job interview next Monday! It's for a wonderful company who I have actually had the pleasure to work with before, so fingers crossed everything goes well for me! I will also definitely be wearing this outfit so hopefully they like it as much as I do. 

If you have any job interview tips or tricks I would love to hear them so pop them down in the comments. 

new look wedges

This post was written in collaboration with City Calling but all opinions are my own.

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