Lace & Tulle

Last week I took a trip to London for perhaps the busiest day ever! I cleverly (or so I thought) decided to book everything on the same day so I wouldn't have to make two trips to London. The day began by walking the catwalk in Bloggers Love Fashion Week, before having afternoon tea at Claridges for The Tea Files (coming soon!) and finishing off the day by having a photoshoot with the wonderful Joe Galvin. 

If you think Joe's name sounds familiar, it may be because you've seen him lurking about on Liv's blog, What Olivia Did, and because he's her main photographer! Liv's blog is one I have admired for a long time, essentially since I started up this little space on the internet and she has always inspired me and motivated me to blog about fashion. I'm not even kidding when I say that I've had to show my boyfriend her pictures to show him what I want. I adore Joe's style of photography. I was so excited to hear that he was looking for bloggers to shoot for his portfolio. 

Also apologies if this post is quite picture heavy and if you get seriously bored of my face, but I found it seriously to exclude any of the gorgeous shots he sent over!  

I decided to wear one of my all time favourite outfits, including, of course, the legendary tulle skirt. You may remember my original post in the lavender fields that I took and it remains my favourite item of clothing. It's just GAH PERFECT. Yes, 'gah' perfect. Just imagine me screaming GAH. You'll get it. 

To make the outfit a little different from my original post, which was primarily focused on a ballerina-esque style, I wore another favourite piece from my wardrobe; this gorgeous black lace top from Bebe. 

The back is just perfection (anything backless makes me very happy), and the lace detailing is stunning. I bought this in Dubai and sadly I don't think Bebe are in the UK at the moment, but they remain one of my all time favourite stores and are actually where I bought my prom dress! 

I also added my classic black heels, because simple is sometimes better. 

I really do feel like a modern day princess in this outfit! 

Skirt - C/O Jones+Jones || Top - Bebe (Similar here) || Shoes - Miss Selfridge

When you try to twirl but your hair is alive with the spirit of London (hahaha). 

I have to say it was an absolute pleasure to get to shoot with Joe! He is such a nice guy and made me feel really relaxed about prancing around in a tutu in the middle of London (which is a real skill in itself obviously). He also gave me some great tips about posing for shots like Liv does, and although I'm probably not as cool and collected as her just yet it was great to get advice from the experts. So all in all a big thank you to Joe! You can check out his photography website here and his blog here.   

Now the challenge is really on to get all my outfit photos to look this good!

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