My Fair Lady

As you know, I'm obsessed with musicals. I'm also obsessed with Audrey Hepburn (you can read all about why and see a cheeky makeup tutorial here!). So when New York Dress, who I've been working with on their blog, asked me to create a My Fair Lady inspired shoot, I was over the moon. They asked me to choose a dress I thought captured the classic black and white gown that Eliza Doolittle wears to the racecourse and I think I found the perfect one. 

This beautiful two-piece ballgown is a dream. Like all of their dresses the detailing is insane, with the bodice made from individually sewn black gems to match the waistband of the skirt. 

At first I tried to think of racecourse locations but I ended up choosing my all time favourite spot in Brighton: The Bandstand. I have to say, it really is the most beautiful place especially at sunset. We managed to arrive during golden hour. The gorgeous amber light reflected off the ornate tiles and created some of the best photoshoot lighting I've ever seen. The Bandstand overlooks the old pier and the miles upon miles of ocean that lays before it. It really is a must-visit spot if you're ever in Brighton, even just to admire/Instagram it's beauty. 

The dress really did make me feel like a movie star. The way it moved, the huge petticoats and the stripes really rounded it off. I genuinely felt like a modern Eliza Doolittle in all her racecourse glory, except minus the huge hat which is a real shame because I do love that hat!

Luckily there were hardly any people around by the time I got to the seafront, so I managed to avoid too many weird looks. Most people didn't seem to care which was nice! One of the many joys of living in Brighton I suppose is that people are used to seeing all kinds of weirdos like me!

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