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happiness boutique earrings review

Ever since a few years ago I have fallen head over heels for statement earrings. As somebody who didn't get their ears pierced (and rather reluctantly as well!) until the ripe old age of 16, I sometimes find it crazy how I've had a complete turn around of opinion. I was never too fond of the idea of creating a hole in my ear lobe, but as soon as I plucked up the courage to have them done it was goodbye clip ons (do you remember those?!) and hello real-world earrings. 

Even now I'm always shocked at how a pair of statement earrings can turn around an outfit and make it something totally different. I love wearing them with bikinis and in the summer as they can make a basic outfit look so much better. I was overjoyed when Happiness Boutique got in contact to offer me two pairs of earrings from their website. I was like a kid in a candy store! But it wasn't long before I found two that were absolutely perfect for me. 

lace romantic earrings happiness boutique

Romantic Lace Earrings - C/O Happiness Boutique || Rose Gold Wishbone Studs - C/O Happiness Boutique

The first pair are truly gorgeous. Big, gold and lacy. They really make a romantic statement without being too bulky and I absolutely adore how delicate they look when hanging. I wore these to my cousin's wedding the other night and I found them really comfortable and not at all heavy. I love how versatile they are and I will definitely be taking them on many holidays from now on!

When I saw the second pair online, I immediately fell in love with them. Why? Three words. Rose. Gold. Wishbones. They are quite simply perfection. I have loved the idea of wishbones ever since I was little and of course you all know about my super original rose gold obsession. Happiness Boutique have basically combined two of my favourite things to create my new favourite studs, and they are perfect for everyday use! I am slowly building up a collection of rose gold jewellery and these make the perfect addition.

wishbone stud earrings rose gold happiness boutique

If you're as fond of statement jewellery as me, then you have to check out Happiness Boutique online here. They also do wonderful and unique statement necklaces and bracelets, as well as clothing so you can shop til you drop for hours! They also have free shipping and a customer reward scheme huzzah! Let me know in the comments what you think of my earring choices!

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