Manfrotto Bloggers Event & Making Friends

A few weeks ago I was invited up to London to spend the day at the Manfrotto Bloggers Event, where we could take a gander at all their fabulous equipment and gain some photography tips. As somebody who is truly as amateur at photography as you can get (I still don't know what half the settings on my camera do), I was really looking forward to hearing some advice from the people who know all about taking fabulous photos. I was even more excited to get to meet some fellow bloggers! 

I met up with Lauren, Ellie, Saida and Charlotte beforehand in Oxford Street, which really relieved the pressure off taking my first train ride on my own. It feels so silly that it's taken this long for me to ride a train alone but don't judge! They are all such fabulous and kind girls and I immediately felt included in the group, even though I hadn't met anybody in real life before. 

The event took place in the Penthouse at The Sanderson Hotel, which is quite possibly one of the strangest hotels I've ever stepped foot into. The elevator walls are star filled galaxies, while the lobby is completely silvery grey, complete with a hanging chair and a red lips couch. 

In the Penthouse, various scenarios had been set up, where we were shown the best way to take photos and what the best equipment was. It was so fantastic to get to see all their amazing gadgets, including one that hooks up to your iPad!

There were also some fabulous tripods, mini tripods and tiny lenses which you could attach to your iPhone. Basically, it was a photographers paradise. 

We were also laid on with a fabulous spread of finger food (possibly one of my favourite things about events), including mini cheeseburgers and macarons! 

Now, I read Ellie's post on this event and she included some wonderful things she loves about having blogger friends. It really warmed my heart and I had to agree with everything she said. It feels absolutely incredible to have people around who just get you. 

I've often found it hard to make friends. At school I was never popular, and my group of friends would change rapidly when somebody 'went off' me due to whatever reason. People would leave for the silliest of reasons and I often felt like it was my fault. I eventually left school with two best friends who I then eventually lost contact with as well. For a long time I was alone (apart from my boyfriend) and I have always found it difficult to talk to new people and find people I truly get along with. Thankfully, I was finally reunited with one of my best friends Olivia, and we still manage to get together when our busy schedules don't clash. 

I find it strange that I am so nervous and blabbery when I meet people in real life, but on the internet I can just talk. There is a certain kind of confidence that comes from typing behind a screen and taking photos of outfits in public places. Weird I know!

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But, since starting blogging I have never felt so included in my life. The blogging world has just accepted me, without asking any questions, they have allowed me to become apart of this strong and amazing world. Words cannot describe how nervous I was about attending this event (or any blogger event for that matter!). My biggest fear is getting there and having people think "God she's such a weirdo" or "She's nothing like I thought she'd be". I spent hours trying to pick out clothes in order to make a great first impression, but when I finally got to London and I was surrounded by these wonderful people I felt completely happy and at home. All these people understood each other and I hope that they understood me too.

Since writing this post, Lauren wrote a fantastic post about friendship on her blog as well so I thought it was only right to add this in. She wrote about wanting friends who are your soulmates, like what you see on TV, who you know will always be there for you and will always cheer you up. She really hit the nail on the head and I'm going to throw my arms out and say that's what I want too. I want to have the crazy adventures with people and I really hope that this will be the beginning of that. 


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