The Sportsman, Seasalter

My parents are almost as big foodies as my boyfriend and I, so on any special occasion my mama attempts to get us into somewhere we've never been before. It was her birthday last week (I won't tell you her age, but she certainly doesn't look it!) and we were lucky enough to get shot straight to the front of the waiting list for The Sportsman: a Michelin star pub in Seasalter. 

We were even luckier when somebody cancelled, so we got a table on my mama's birthday! We met them there after a long drive from Brighton, and found The Sportsman on it's own, overlooking the grassy costal walks and sea. 

This is a strange one, as you're not given menus and you have to order everything at the bar! We were shown the menu as we walked in, which was written on big blackboards in chalk. It's all very casual, so if you're looking for something that's not so fancy (but still great food), I'd definitely recommend here! Unfortunately I could not for the life of me remember the menu, so I ended up taking a photo on my camera and passing it around the table.

We were given an introductory round of homemade bread and olives. 

My parents both ordered rounds of fresh oysters, my dad's were topped with pickled cucumber and Avruga caviar.

While my mum's were topped with hot chorizo. I tried one of these and the flavours were amazing! I'm not the biggest fan of oysters, but I'm always open to try. The salty sea blended with the spicy, meaty texture went perfectly, which you wouldn't imagine.

For main course I chose the sea bass; a gorgeous, thick fillet which arrived perfectly cooked on a bed of string beans and a crab bisque. 

My parents and I all had the sea bass (clearly a good choice!) but my boyfriend went for the roast rack of Monkshill Farm lamb with mint sauce and dauphinoise potatoes. All of the main courses were served with potatoes as well, which was definitely better than having to order sides. 

Soon, it was on to desserts! Can you tell I always get really excited to write about the desserts? 

I had the plum souffle with kernel ice cream (if you're not sure what that is, neither am I, but it tasted just like marzipan!). 

While my mum had the chocolate mousse cake with cream. Unfortunately this was a bit of a let down. We're big dessert eaters, my mum and I, so we have pretty high standards! It tasted okay, but it was just very meh, especially for a Michelin star restaurant. 

My dad ordered the summer fruit salad. I want to take this moment to say that ordering a fruit salad in a restaurant is a crime against the British pudding. I make a point of always ordering things I can't cook myself at home, however I have to say that my dad's was the best dessert of all of ours. 

Ollie went for his classic cheese board choice, served with homemade crackers and super sweet cherries (which I may or may not have pinched). 

The meal ended with some bitter dark chocolate truffles and we left to take some outfit photos (which ultimately didn't happen as you know if you read my last post!). 

I have the say, food at The Sportsman really was excellent, but the service was a bit lacking. It wasn't bad by any means but for a restaurant with a Michelin star, you do expect to at least be given menus of some kind or have a waiter take your order. Again, it wasn't bad it just a bit non-existent! I would definitely recommend it for a special occasion if you're looking for somewhere much more casual or if you're not one for super fancy restaurants. 

So, it turned out I liked one of the photos we attempted to take in the hurricane by the sea, so here it is! You can find all the details of this outfit in my last post here! Wind breakers were definitely in order that day. 

I want to say a huge belated happy birthday to my wonderful mama! She has been supporting me and helping me every step of my journey through life and she deserves all the happiness in the world. She is beautiful, generous and kind and I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a mother like her in my life. 

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