Posh Bloggers Party

Around a month ago I received an invitation I really wasn't expecting. A gorgeous little email popped up in my inbox inviting me down to Posh Totty Designs in Brighton to celebrate their Posh Bloggers Party! I was so excited, especially as this was to be my first ever blogger event. I was nervous to say the least. I spent the day before in a crazed stupor trying to pick out an outfit to wear to wondering what bloggers say to each other when they first meet. When I had finally calmed down (kind of) I headed into Brighton to their flagship store. And boy, was I in for a treat. 

Posh Totty Designs really is a haven for bloggers. There are fairy lights, reed diffusers, candles and a lot of copper. 

I am pretty much in love with this cotton ball lights and I am 100% going to get some for my house. Heads up Posh Totty! You've got an order coming your way already! (I said this in my head about twenty times that evening). 

Everything was beautiful, including the slap up feast they had laid on, filled with trays upon trays of delicious savouries, sweets and a stunning croquembouche that wowed everyone with its sparkling, sugar glazed beauty. 

The mini lemon meringue pies were pretty spectacular. I may have had one...or four. 

There were a set of adorable, berry and ice filled mason jars, ready for you to add your choice of lemonade or sparkling water to. 

We also got to browse the selection of their speciality: personalised jewellery. It is here where Posh Totty really come into their own, with a massive range of different metals, designs and jewellery types which can all be personalised with initials, names and dates. 

And yes, they have rose gold.

Their jewellery is absolutely perfect as a gift for a loved one, especially if you want something extremely personal, or even if you just want to treat yourself to a special something to contain a memory. 

We also had the chance to learn the art of leather stamping, and had the choice to make bracelets and keyrings. I was excited to see they had dog tags, so took this opportunity to make Oscar a little something for when he gets his collar. Not only did they entrust me to wield a hammer for a good five minutes, but I came away with something so special. 

Of course, it wouldn't be a true blogger party without macarons! 

If all the tasty treats and beautiful sights weren't enough, we were each gifted with our own personalised goodie bag. This part really blew me away. As I opened, I found each gift to be perfectly selected, including a gorgeous pink notebook with my name on it, a metal 'J' for my mantlepiece and a golden 'J' necklace which I have been wearing pretty much everyday since. 

The team at Posh Totty had clearly put so much thought into every little detail of the event, whether it be from the food, to the activities to the incredible goodie bags. I came away feeling truly spoilt and with a huge smile all the way home. I also finally got to meet some lovely Brighton bloggers who I had only had the chance to talk to online before this night. 

They have also kindly offered me a 15% discount code to share with you lovely readers. Just enter the code JORDAN15 at checkout! It is valid until the 22nd September so you can go wild all summer online at their website here. You really will feel spoilt for choice, but not disappointed at all. 

A big thank you to Posh Totty Designs for inviting me along and letting me experience such a fantastic event for my first! Every other company take note, this is how you put on an event!