Be My Mickey?

For the first time in forever I was finally able to leave the house without a jacket. As someone who feels the cold seemingly way more than every other British person, I really haven't been able to go out with some kind of cover up since August last year. 

So it was fantastic timing that Vanilla Underground offered to send me something from their incredible range of pop culture fashion range. From Batman to Game of Thrones to The Rolling Stones, they have amazing t-shirts, hoodies and more to fulfil your fandom needs. 

And if I'm sure you're all very surprised to hear that I chose a Disney t-shirt (NOT). 

Apologies for the crazy fringe in this picture. I got it trimmed about an hour after taking these photos, so in hindsight I should have taken them then, but as Hannah Montana says, nobody's perfect! 

Minnie Mouse Top - C/O Vanilla Underground || Shorts - C/O La Redoute || Wedges - New Look (old)

I'm pretty much in love with this gorgeous long sleeved Minnie Mouse top. Not only is it fresh and floaty for the Summer, but can also be worn in the cooler months with it's long sleeves. With the toasty weather we've been having recently, I styled it with the sleeves rolled up and tucked into a pair of pale pink shorts. It has the most gorgeous back, as you can see in the photo above, and it's just a tad oversized, making it one of the most comfy tops I now own! 

Necklace - C/O Buckley London

I think this may be little Oscar's debut on Hello Miss Jordan! My boyfriend recently surprised me (like Walt Disney did with his wife) with an adorable little Westie puppy who we have grown to love like nothing else. He's a handful but I truly love him! He's very smart and sweet and he will definitely be getting his own post very soon...keep an eye out! 

I'm definitely one of those people who revels in the sun. It makes me go out and actually want to do stuff rather than stay in and hibernate like the rest of the year. Brighton is especially beautiful in the Summer (with the exception of it being crazy busy!). 

Vanilla Underground are also kindly offering you lovely readers 15% off with the code HELLO15 so if you fancy a touch of your favourite TV, game or movie character in your life, have a little shop on their website here