Meet Oscar

That's right...I have a puppy! 

Little Oscar cheekily made his debut on the blog already on my Disney styling post, but he's just too important not to have his own. He's also pretty damn adorable!

Oscar's story began when my boyfriend texted me asking me what I'd do if he bought a Westie puppy home, completely out of the blue. He had found an advertisement on Gumtree for some and for some reason he immediately wanted to see them! He booked an appointment for the next day and we headed down to Hove to have a cuddle and a viewing. Ultimately, I came away feeling pretty unsure about whether or not I wanted one. They were adorable but a puppy is a huge commitment, almost as big as having a baby! So I told my boyfriend no, but still felt a little tingle of sadness that we couldn't have one in our lives. 

The next day, Ollie went to 'hang out with his friend' and returned with this little man! He totally Walt Disney-ed me! He was a lot smaller when we first saw him (but just as cute), and we immediately fell in love. I named him Oscar after scrolling through many, many websites of names and thinking he just looked like an Oscar. He is now very much part of the family and I couldn't imagine life without him! I mean, look at that tongue! 

Of course, having a puppy is no easy task. I've had to reduce my hours at work significantly as he can't be left alone for more than four hours and having to continually place him outside in an attempt to toilet train him can be exhausting. But all the hard work really is worth it just to see him grow and become better. He's such an intelligent puppy and so sweet. I think you can say I really am in love! 

Hopefully Oscar will be popping up more and more on the blog from now on, hopefully with his own little posts and segments! Well, I can't say no to that fluffy little pup, now can I?