Let it Go

Sometimes you wear a dress that feels truly special. I knew as soon as I slipped on this white two piece that I had gained the powers of ice and snow and had been transformed into Queen Elsa. I can't hold it back anymore!

For a couple of months now I've been modelling dresses for New York Dress who do pretty much the most spectacular range of ballgowns, prom dresses and party frocks in the entire world. Although my pictures will be published on their blog, I couldn't resist posting the photos here as well, because I love them so much. 

Aside from the dress being one of the most elegant pieces I've ever worn, the detailing blew me away. The bodice is so beautifully intricate, with lace flowers and leaves, studded with sparkling rhinestones. 

I headed up one sunny (but breezy) day to a field of wild daisies surrounded by the ancient trees and it felt so magical. Now, I'm not saying that I was controlling the icy wind in these photos but...

New York Dress are also the masters behind the stunning dress in my 200th post which made me feel like a brand new Disney Princess crossed with Christine Daae from Phantom of the Opera

This one, although a completely different style, still managed to capture the princess magic and I was left feeling like I should live in it forever, high up in my ice castle. I'll give you a room tour sometime!