Lucky Beach

On the rare days of sunshine we have down in Brighton, there's really only one place to go; the seafront!

Now that Oscar is allowed out on a lead, we decided to take him on his first trip into town to get him used to the busy city environment and introduce him to the beach. 

Before heading down, I managed to grab a few snaps of the days outfit. In hindsight, the floppy hat was a little bit of a mistake, as it was super windy in town! But it did the job of keeping the sun off my face and keeping me just a bit cooler. 

Harem Pants - C/O La Redoute || Crop Top - Miss Selfridge || Cardigan - Gilly Hicks

Hat - Miss Selfridge || Sandles - New Look

Classic Brighton shot below! Seagulls, water and...the wind blowing my hair in my mouth. 

We took a stroll down to Lucky Beach; the perfect seafront spot that someone had recommended for me with a large area of outside seating that was completely dog friendly. We were served by flip flop clad servers who were fantastic, friendly and laid back. As soon as we arrived they gave Oscar some doggie biscuits as well which was lovely. He chomped away at them before collapsing under the table asleep.

The restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere, kind of like an Australian surf shack right here in little Brighton! 

We both ordered and the food arrived promptly, including way too many fries! One set came with garlic aioli...

While the other came smothered in blue cheese sauce and bacon. They were delicious but a little bit stingy on the bacon! For the amount of chips there needed to be more than six bacon chips. Mama needs her bacon! 

Luckily, the real stars of the show were the burgers (what Lucky Beach is famed for). 

Ollie went for the chorizo burger, with fire roasted peppers, olive oil, bitter greens, aioli and a soft brioche bun. He absolutely loved it, which is an achievement coming from a chef!

But I personally think mine was the best...

The French Onion Chicken Burger, in all it's glory. 

Pwoarrrr! Now that's what I call fried chicken!

This mountain of a burger contained pickle-brined fried chicken, soft sweet herbed hot dog onions, gooey emmental, rocket and garlic mayo in a brioche bun. 

What a mouthful! 

Now I just have to return for the amazing looking fish and chips...

After feeling truly stuffed and satisfied by the wonders of Lucky Beach (which I would definitely recommend to anyone if you find yourself wandering the seafront in need of a hearty meal), we headed down to the pebbles to sleep it off. 

Little Oscar loved it, snoozing under daddy's arms half the time and exploring the pebbles the other. 

They even had a little wander in the sea, although a surprise wave which occurred shortly after this picture meant that he wasn't so pleased with what the ocean had to offer! 

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