Little Black Dress

During the Easter holidays I was very lucky to have another shoot with my good friend Martin Brown, who is an absolutely incredible photographer. I've previously featured shoots with him here and here if you want to check out some different styles. 

We went for the theme of 'Black Dresses', which in the end resulted in more of a monochrome shoot when I switched to a pair of white jeans with a black t-shirt. He was testing out his new lighting equipment and boy did it make a difference. When he sent the photos through to me I was absolutely overwhelmed by how incredible they looked and I knew I had to share his amazing talent here. 

These are a few of my favourite shots, although he did take many, many fabulous ones! 

Dress - Miss Selfridge (Very Similar Here)

Dress - Lipsy

Hat - Miss Selfridge || T-Shirt - UNIQLO 

White Jeans - Miss Selfridge

I'm so grateful to Martin for allowing me to be his model for the day. His photos never disappoint, and you can see I'm right by checking out his website here

Let me know in the comments what your favourite shot is! I think mine's the last one, but they're all so unique that I love each and every one.