Dream West End Roles

You probably all know by now that ever since I was younger I've wanted to be on the West End. It is my ultimate dream and being in musicals is where I have experienced some of the most amazing memories I will ever have. So, I thought I'd share with you some of my dream roles in musicals, hoping that one day I will be able to fulfil them!

Glinda, Wicked - I've always loved the character of G(a)linda ever since first hearing the soundtrack. Her range is incredible and I love how she develops as a character throughout Wicked, going from a naive and selfish young girl to a mature woman who understands friendship. Favourite Song: Thank Goodness.

Eponine, Les Miserables - This is the one. Eponine is probably number one on my list and always has been. She is an incredibly strong character and I have related to her situation in love so many times it's difficult to count. To play her would be my lifetime achievement. Favourite Song: On My Own

Johanna, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - You're probably thinking, 'Didn't you already do this one?'. Technically I've already played Johanna in an amateur production of Sweeney Todd, but to play her on the West End would be the next step up. Despite many people viewing her as a bit of a 'Mary-Sue', she's a lot stronger than she's given credit for, enduring a lot of mental strain throughout the show. To reprise her would be incredible. Favourite Song: Kiss Me

Cinderella, Into The Woods - Another Sondheim role, Cinderella is one of my favourite characters song-wise out of any musical. Her songs are so beautiful and no matter what I enjoy singing them. Into The Woods is one of my favourite musicals for its darkness as well. Favourite Song: No One Is Alone.

Belle, Beauty and the Beast - Entering Disney territory here, guys! If there was ever a West End revival of Beauty and the Beast, I would have my sights set on playing Belle. My all time favourite Disney Princess and the one I strive most to be like in every day life, Belle is the perfect character and the musical version of this show is fantastic! Favourite Song: Home.

Ariel, The Little Mermaid - Likewise with Belle, Ariel is another princess I'd love to portray. Not only are her dresses in this musical beyond stunning, but the development of her character in the musical is far greater than in the movie. I love the additional songs and to play her would be so amazing. Favourite Song: If Only.

Christine Daae, The Phantom of the Opera - Finally, a true classic is the extraordinary piece that is The Phantom of the Opera. I do sing high soprano, but perhaps not to the extent of Christine in this musical (yet!). If I train hard enough, one day I'll be able to hit that final note in the title song! Another beautiful character, Christine shows bravery and commitment throughout the show, something I admire about her so much. Favourite Song: The Point of No Return. 

Of course, because it's me, there are way more roles that i'd love to take on, but we would actually be here all day. These are just a few of my top favourites that I will forever strive towards in chasing my dream.